National Tour Begins in Cleveland July 22

Activists, Family Members Condemn “Stolen Lives” Taken by Police Violence:
Here to Organize for National March in NYC October 24

What: Press conference & photo op
Where: Cudell Recreation Center-outdoor shelter
When: July 22nd Wednesday 11am

July 21, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


We received this press release from Rise Up October Cleveland.

For immediate release                                                                                         
From: Rise Up October Cleveland
Contact: Turner Fair
773-367- 4736


“Are you taking a stand against the epidemic of police terror, or not?  Which side are you on?”  That's a question the #RiseUpOctober Organizing Tour will pose this week in Cleveland, a first stop in their move to organize a huge outpouring in New York City October 24

“The tour begins in Cleveland because there is still no indictment of the police officers who shot Tamir Rice to death, and because the police who killed Melissa Williams and Timothy Russell were allowed to get away with murder,” said Art McCoy, the founder of Black On Black Crime.  “This gives police everywhere a green light to continue the epidemic of killing unarmed people.” 

> After the 11 am press conference tour members and supporters will initiate a march to engage the community to confront which side are you on, to organize for the National March in New York City to STOP Police Terror on October 24.

> 7pm, Manna Church, 8019 Cedar Ave, Cleveland – Welcome and mass meeting calling on  the Cleveland community to  bear witness to testimony and appeals from families whose loved ones have been killed by police in Cleveland and across the country. Tour Organizers will speak to the urgent need to reach and challenge and transform the thinking of millions to bring thousands and thousands to flood the streets in New York City on October 24th showing the world that there is a growing force that is determined to STOP police terror.

> Thursday – the Rise Up October Organizing Tour will meet with community groups, join the Justice for Tamir Rice protest, take the Tour into neighborhoods hardest hit by police terror, and meet with Cleveland family members whose loved ones have been stolen by police murders.

> Friday – Sunday – the Tour will participate in the Movement for Black Lives Conference at
Cleveland State University.

Tour members include Carl Dix, a co-initiator of the call for October 24 and a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Rev Jerome McCorry, the faith advocate of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. 

Across the country, people who have lost family members to police violence are joining the tour and working on the protest, including Joshua Lopez, whose uncle, John Collado, was unarmed when he was killed by NYPD in 2012. Cleveland family members include Trina Williams, niece of Melissa Williams, and Art Blakely II, whose sister was killed by a New York City cop.


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