Which Side Are You On?/Rise Up October Tour:
People Get Ready!


July 20, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The Which Side Are You On?/Rise Up October Tour is on! This is down-on-the-ground work to build up the determination and organization necessary to make October 24 a day when all of society has to confront Which Side Are You On? Are you taking a stand against the epidemic of police terror, or not?

The crew on this tour includes Carl Dix, a co-initiator of the call for October 24 and a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party; Rev Jerome McCorry, the faith advocate of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network; Nicholas Heyward Sr. and other loved ones of people murdered by police. It will also include young people and others new to the struggle from New York City, Atlanta and Detroit. It will draw in and work closely with people in the cities it stops in.

First stop: Cleveland. Where pigs murdered 12-year-old Tamir Rice for playing with a toy gun on a playground. Where 13 police fired 137 times into a stopped car, murdering Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. The tour will participate in and challenge activists at the Movement for Black Lives National Convening and network with activists, but most of all they are going to those who live under the most direct police terror every minute of every day of their lives.

As soon as the tour arrives, they will head out to the neighborhoods of those who the police terrorize every day. Those who never know from minute to minute if any encounter with the pigs will end in being killed. Joined by others who live in Cleveland, this crew will get the word out of October 24, calling on and organizing people who seethe with anger and outrage to join them right then and there to stop police terror and leaving new fighters and organization in their wake. 

Along with getting out to the communities, the tour will meet with different activists and organizations and reach out to church congregations. On July 24-26 they will bring October 24 to the Movement for Black Lives National Convening being held in Cleveland, reaching out to all those who are gathering there and calling on and inviting them to organize for and join with thousands of others in this major protest.

On the evening of Wednesday, July 22, the tour will be welcomed at the Manna Church in Cleveland and those on the tour will speak. 

Next Stop: Chicago and then Ferguson, marking the important anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown and the resistance that followed.

Later, the tour aims to go to Baltimore, before the trials begin of the killers of Freddie Gray, all over New York City, and to other major cities.

Get with the tour – (Email: tour@RiseUpOctober.org / Phone: Call 646-709-1961) to join up with the tour or to donate money, housing, and help in any way. Follow the tour: Twitter:@StopMassIncNet

And get ready!


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