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July 27, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


We greatly appreciate receiving these letters from prisoners and encourage prisoners to keep sending us correspondence. The views expressed by the writers of these letters are, of course, their own; and they are not responsible for the views published elsewhere in our paper.


“The New Jim Crow is real... I know because I am a victim of it…”

July 9, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters:

...As the “struggle” on the “outside” intensifies, I know that the “Revolution” is being withheld to prevent organization and participation in the struggle from the “inside.” The call for the unification of all sets and all colors—together—and the request that prisoners sign as groups from prison, this is being “censored” by prison administrators who want to curtail the idea before it is popularized among prisoners and then practiced, thus organizing and gaining momentum. I am unaware of the content of those papers which I have been denied but apparently the message(s) have caused some serious concern here...

I view things as having reached a drastic and serious level, people are learning what this system is all about and they are “moving.” Especially with the recent mass murder here in this state and the redressing of the removal of the flag from the statehouse. The re-emergence of an old ugliness and foolish deep-seated racism and the need to redress and abolish the new form of slavery and historical oppression is very serious.

Concerning the “Confederate” flag, there should be not just a removal of that flag, but also a removal of that system which that flag symbolizes and represents. The “New Jim Crow” is real... I know because I am a victim of it, and until the system is completely dismantled and abolished at its roots, the same acts and arguments will continue and so until then, the removal of that flag is miniscule.

One of the things that continuously centers on my mind is all of the denial and deprivation, the inhumane and animalistic treatment. The cruel/unusual punishment for endless years in solitary or even in general population which is characterized now by (over) crowdedness, (over) populated. The poor food, clothing and shelter... The murder by medical neglect... The imprisonment for years and years for acts that are in themselves trivial or minor. Who are these people that they can do these things to other human beings and not be ashamed? How can leadership/government see their common citizenry, a life brutally taken whether by being beaten or tazed to death or gunned down in a hail of (187) bullets, and not respond with justice?

All of the answers are true... control, profit... the maintenance of the status quo... But it really pushes me to a state of disbelief. I don’t want to believe that a 12-year-old child (Tamir) was shot down by police... that a 7-year-old child (Aiyana) died by gunfire... That “4 little girls” were obliterated by explosives more than 50 years ago... This reality... falls on me like a mountain... Yet I’m alive and I witness everything with my eyes... But I cannot move. I recognize and acknowledge my dramaticism but this is a hard thing... Millions? And millions? Let me move on... But I ask... How can a Woodfox be held in a box for 40 years??

All of the things I have said here are from my mind and heart and though we struggle for revolution and change, let us not forget our compassion and humanity, let us not become heartless and foul and soul-less like those unfeeling monsters who believe they control and rule over “our” society and the (our) earth....

...if there is anything you can do to ensure that the “Revolution” reaches me please do so. I do require it as it has become mandatory reading and study and simply put, I must stay up on the times and be informed. I would also ask for info concerning a grassroots campaign to free all (alleged) drug (crack/cocaine) prisoners.

In closing, I thank you for your time, attention, energy and assistance. Always know that your efforts and support are always appreciated.


“Bob Avakian feeds us revolutionary food...”

To the Voice of the Revolution

...I come from a family full of Revolutionary Teaching. My Aunties and Uncle’s were Panthers and majority of them either gang bang or ex. gang member’s plus I used to bang too... Im 33 year’s of age and turning 34 this year in August. Ive over come the ignorance and stupidity of gangbanging in South Central. Ive always been a leader and never would of started banging if I knew that the government was laughing at the slaying of Blacks. I am fully for the Movement and will be committed to represent whats right by any means necessary.

Bob Avakian is a real spiritual and motivating individual. He feeds us reader’s revolutionary food for us to strategize the making for revolution. I am begging and asking to receive every news paper and anything that has to do with a Movement for Change. I am doing a 15 year prison sentence around a lot of Black’s that are still enslaved in the mind has no understanding of the support that we need as Black’s to stand up and stick together as a race. I come as a hungry individual seeking the Knowledge and Understanding tool’s I need to accomplish a [revolutionary] mind state... Hope to hear from you guy’s soon and keep up the work because if we dont stand for nothing we will fall for anything.




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Andy Zee,
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BAsics 1:13

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