The Which Side Are You On?/Rise Up October National Speaking Tour will be in Chicago
August 4-6.

August 3, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Press conference on Wed. Aug 5th  at 11 am in front of the Chicago Police Headquarters at 35th and Michigan.  This press conference is taking place 60 years after the murder of Emmett Till and 1 year after the murders of John Crawford and Mike Brown, police continue to murder Black and Latino people every day in this country with impunity and no convictions.   Sandra Bland, Sam DuBose, Freddie Grey, Andy Lopez … this is a stark reminder that after 60 years we are still fighting a slow genocide against Black people.

Speakers include:

Carl Dix, a co-initiator, with Cornel West, of the call for October 24 and a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party

Rev. Jerome McCorry, faith leader of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network

Mertilla Jones, grandmother of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, murdered by Detroit police in 2010.

Airicka Gordon-Taylor, Emmett Till’s cousin

The following families of loved ones killed by police will bring their powerful testimony of their loss and suffering and continuing fight for justice and why they support Oct 24 to stop police terror.  They will be available for interviews:

  • Martinez Sutton, brother of Rekia Boyd, murdered by Chicago police in March, 2012
  • Freddie "Godfather" McGee father of Freddie Latrice Wilson, shot 18 times by Chicago police, 2007
  • Erika Almas, fiancé of Heriberto Godinez, murdered by "over aggressive policing" CPD July 20, 2015
  • Gwen Moore, mother of Jamaal Moore, murdered by Chicago police Dec 15, 2012
  • Rev. Collier Baggett, grandmother of Jimmell Cannon, shot 8 times by Chicago police at age 13 in July, 2011
  • Hannibal Saleem Ali, uncle of Anjustine Hunter, killed by Memphis, TN police, 2013

Also speaking and attending:

Tio Hardiman, from Violence Interrupters

Brother Raheem from Midwest Coalition to Stop Violence

Rev Greg Greer, Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). and President of Freedom First International.

Also attending: community activists  working to stop youth violence and police brutality, and youth who are former gang members. For more information read the Call for RiseUpOctober 24, and go to

Some Other Tour Highlights:

1. National Speaking Tour Organizing Meeting, #RiseUpOctober – Which Side Are You On?
Wednesday August 5th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Trinity Episcopal/Anglican Church
125 E. 26th St. (SE corner of Michigan & 26th St.)
Parking lot next to church, CTA bus #4 drops you off at the corner.

2. Tuesday, Aug 4, 5 pm, the tour will be part of the demonstration called by Chicago Sistas Stand for Sandra Bland! at 95th and Dan Ryan the busiest transit stop on the Southside in Chicago.

3. The tour will be out in the neighborhoods.  Times and places to be announced.

4. The Tour will leave for Ferguson on Friday for the 1-year anniversary of the police murder of Mike Brown and the heroic uprising that followed.


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