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An Important and Urgent Meeting


A Bookstore for the World—Coming to Harlem
What It Is…Why It Matters… How YOU Can Help Make It Happen    

Bring your questions and ideas

6:30-8:30pm • Harlem YMCA, 180 W. 135th St.


August 17—a pivotal point in the battle to save and re-open Revolution Books:

One week to go to raise $30,000 through the RB Indiegogo fundraising
One month to go to reach the target date to renovate, re-stock and re-open RB.
For the world to have a new Revolution Books, BE THERE, MONDAY, AUGUST 17.

Revolution Books NY, volunteer renovation

Volunteers renovating the new Revolution Books. Credit: Revolution Books, NY

Revolution Books is a bookstore for the whole world—a world of suffering and horrors here and around the globe.

Revolution Books is needed more than ever:

The place where people come from all over the world to find the books and the deep engagement about why the world is the way it is and the possibility of a radically different way the world could be. Scientific and poetic, wrangling and visionary, Revolution Books is at the center of building a movement for revolution.

At the new Revolution Books people will engage the biggest questions facing humanity through a broad selection of books and provocative discussions and programs. Revolution Books will be a site of critical thinking like nowhere else.

Because at Revolution Books people experience and engage the new synthesis of communism developed by the revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian—a scientific method and approach to understanding reality and a vision and strategy for the revolutionary struggle to overturn and uproot all systems and relations of exploitation and oppression to achieve the emancipation of all humanity.


Humanity Needs Revolution

The Revolution Needs Revolution Books

Revolution Books Needs You


Andy Zee is the spokesperson for Revolution Books.  

For more information:    212-691-3345



Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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