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August 22: Represent for Revolution and the Emancipation of Humanity

August 10, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


On August 22, people all around the country will answer the call of the BA Everywhere campaign to wear the bold T-shirt, BA Speaks; REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! and represent for revolution and the emancipation of humanity. As we approach this day, we want to answer a few questions about it.

Revolution--Nothing Less T-shirt poster

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What is the purpose of T-shirt day?

To bring forward people, based in the bedrock oppressed of society, but reaching out more broadly, to represent together for the leadership and the revolutionary way out of this horror that Bob Avakian, BA, has developed. To spread both the content of this leadership and to embody for people the fact that this revolutionary leadership is increasingly taking root. To contribute, in doing this, to the broad spirit of defiance and searching for answers going on right now among all people, and to provide direction for that. Not least, raising money for the BA Everywhere campaign, whose aim is to make BA a point of reference in society.

August 22 will put this T-shirt on the map in a new way, and mark a step toward BA, the movement for revolution, and the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! becoming widely known and talked about everywhere you go.

What will happen on T-shirt day?

Clusters of people, as well as individuals, representing with this shirt in key places, from major cities to small towns. Boldly marching in, chanting, giving all who see it the sense of a force that is sure of the revolution and sure of themselves. Sharing the words of BA with people and bringing the message. Where necessary, challenging the backward and calling out, or standing up against, the authorities. Through all this, gathering more people on the spot, and spreading the word all day long.

Photos will be important to give a sense of the scope and reach of the day. But this is not a photo-op—this is a full day and night of representing for revolution and spreading the REVOLUTION, nothing less and straight up—with a strong spirit of defiance!

How should T-shirt day be built?

In as many creative ways that people can come up with! Send your ideas to revcom.us by emailing to revolution.reports@yahoo.com.

Those in the movement for revolution should build this day by taking BA and what he represents straight up to the people, now. They should go to the most oppressed and they should go to many other kinds of people as well. There are many tools for this. BA’s message on New Year’s should be played. The flyer “when you wear this shirt, you step into the revolution” should be distributed and used with everyone we talk to. (That short piece has the virtue of putting BA before the people right from the beginning, with the “no more generations” quote from BAsics 1:13.) The film that the T-shirt publicizes—BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!—should be distributed and the showings of it on August 23 should be publicized and built for, with tickets being sold. BAsics, the handbook for revolutionaries from the talks and writings of BA; the filmed Dialogue of BA with Cornel West, REVOLUTION AND RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion; and this website and Revolution newspaper should all be gotten out. Everywhere people go, funds should be raised for BA Everywhere. The shirt should be sold to people broadly, and they should be encouraged to wear it as much as possible between now and the 22nd, and they should be given materials both to get into and to help them explain to others what they are into... and why these others should be into it too. They should be given a way to hook into the revolution—on the spot, and then how to get back in touch later. Doing all this is critical to actually building a movement FOR revolution, with the Revolutionary Communist Party at its leading core, and preparing the political conditions, the people, and the vanguard both to make that revolution when the time is right and to hasten that time.

We should, all the time, be accumulating forces for revolution. These next two weeks are a concentrated process of going to people and recruiting them to take part, in this way and on the spot, in the revolution... and then wielding this force to further represent the revolutionary way forward and accumulate more forces. People should try to draw lessons in this from positive experience in building for last fall’s Dialogue between BA and Cornel West, or on the recent tours to promote the October 24 day against police terror and murder, and make very bold plans accordingly.

If we do this—if we go into the neighborhoods of the oppressed and the crossroads where people of all sections mix and mesh with THIS, in a bold and certain way—and if we draw people in and give them other ways to be part of this movement—then we can make a major and significant impact on August 22, consolidate people for the movement for revolution on August 23, and move on from there to build this movement to a higher plateau.




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