Update from Ferguson

August 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Since last weekend, the street memorial to Michael Brown at W. Florissant Ave. leading to the Canfield Apartments, where Mike Brown lived and where he was murdered by police, was removed—and then partially re-built. It was the apartment management company (their security) that removed the memorial. In August 2014, after Michael Brown was killed, the people in Ferguson stood up in the face of brutal repression to say "No More" to police murder. People are now getting ready for the August 8-10 anniversary of the police murder of Michael Brown and the beginning of the Ferguson rebellion.

At W. Florissant and Canfield Drive in Ferguson--building for protest on the one-year anniversary of police murder of Michael Brown and the beginning of the rebellion. Photos: Special to revcom.us.

Ferguson, MO    



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