Bernie Sanders: Re-Slicing the Bloody Pie

August 17, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Bernie Sanders wants to “divide the pie” of America’s wealth more equally. But he does not want to ask about—or change—the ingredients in the pie... the way the pie is baked... and what must happen for that pie to exist in the first place.

American wealth comes from empire. Those who die in the collapsing clothing factories in Bangladesh, or whose bodies lie shattered on the ground at Apple subsidiaries in China; the Mexicans and Central Americans dead in the Arizona desert in a desperate search for construction work in “El Norte” (USA); the children laboring in toxic battery factories in Pakistan. Their bones are baked into that pie, their blood flavors it.

Slavery drawing

The recipe for that pie was developed through the enslavement of Africans and the genocide of the Native American Indians, and still today is salted with the tears of the relatives of those descendants of slaves continually brutalized and shot down by the police, and those original inhabitants locked down on reservations.

This pie is cooked to a crisp in the blazing-hot oven of wars for empire, and then delivered to the table by the billions of women, worldwide, reduced to servitude and humiliation of every kind imaginable. And meanwhile, the gluttonous gorging that is so necessary for the continued baking of that pie destroys the entire environment of the planet, and puts many forms of life—including us—at grave risk of extinction.

Quarreling over the servings as Bernie Sanders does... or proposing to tinker with the recipe: those are needless—and ultimately very deadly—distractions. Humanity needs a whole better world—and a better world IS possible. Forget about Bernie Sanders and his schemes to re-slice the bloody pie. Do something that will count for all humanity: Get into Bob Avakian (BA), and learn about the revolution and real possibility for human emancipation he’s brought forward and fights for.

Relatives of missing workers wait hopefully for their loved ones at the collapsed factory site in Savar, Bangladesh.

Relatives of missing workers wait hopefully for their loved ones at the collapsed factory site in Savar, Bangladesh. (AP photo)

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