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As we’ve emphasized, August 22, national BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! T-shirt Day is “not a photo-op—this is a full day and night of representing for revolution and spreading the REVOLUTION, nothing less and straight up—with a strong spirit of defiance!” That said, photos and videos that capture the spirit of people who took part and what actually happened will be a very important part of giving our readers a sense and scope of the day.

Revolution--Nothing Less T-shirt poster

Click image to enlarge | Download PDF poster

Revolution--Nothing Less T-shirt poster

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Download PDF poster color | black & white

The T-shirt posters that have appeared in Revolution and on have been exciting and dynamic—reflecting, amplifying, and promoting the movement to get BA Everywhere through people wearing the shirt and being out in the neighborhoods and protests. The T-shirt day should be a leap in this (including through video).

That means getting prepared now to take the best photos and videos from the day to send to Revolution/ Look at what’s being planned for the day where you are—and think about what kind of photos/videos to take (while being prepared to capture unexpected things that may happen as well).

If you’re not a photographer yourself, approach photographers and videographers—including people from a wide range of perspectives who have not been involved in the movement for revolution before—and call on them to take this up. The leaflet “When you put on this T-shirt, you step into the revolution” and other Revolution/ materials will give people a basic sense of what the day is about—and on that basis, they can relate to it in different ways and make important contributions.

One thing to note: When taking photos or videos, obviously it should be made clear that this is for Revolution/—giving people who would prefer not to be in the pics/videos a chance to do that or to put on a hat, sunglasses, etc... and giving people who DO want to represent a chance to be in the pic/video with their “game face” on.

We want to have coverage of the day quickly—so send in pics/videos by 4 pm EDT on August 23 at the latest, and earlier if possible.

To send pics/videos to Revolution/

Email photos to Pick out the best photos. Include clear, concise info on where each photo was taken, what’s shown in the photo, and how it should be credited.

For videos, upload them to YouTube (with the status set at “unlisted”) and then send the link to


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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