Prosecutor in Pasco, Washington, Sets Killer Cops Free

September 14, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader in Washington:

Rally for Antonio Zambrano-Montes, February 11.Erika Zambrano at a rally February 11, with photo of her husband, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who was killed by police. AP photo

Seven months ago, on February 10, police in Pasco, Washington, shot and killed Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who was unarmed. After stalling for months, local prosecutor Shawn Sant in effect became an accessory to murder by police when he announced on September 9 that he will not charge the three cops involved in the shooting of Zambrano-Montes.

Eric Garner... Michael Brown... John Crawford...Antonio Zambrano-Montes... and many more... In outrage after outrage, the police carry out cold-blooded murder of unarmed people, and then are allowed to walk free. This must STOP!

What the cops did to Antonio Zambrano-Montes was MURDER, straight up. As documented on a video that went viral, as well as in an autopsy and news articles, including in Revolution newspaper, Antonio was shot twice from behind while running away. He was then shot many times again when he turned to surrender.

Zambrano-Montes, originally from Mexico, worked in the orchards in the area. Among other things, he had been weighed down by injuries received in a fall while working, which had prevented him from making an income. On the day of his murder, he was not acting rationally and clearly needed help. Instead of providing help, the three cops executed Antonio with a storm of 17 bullets.

Sant issued a statement that makes claims that are clearly contradicted by the actions and words of Antonio that can be seen and heard in the video. The prosecutor said, “I believe that a unanimous jury would not find the presence of malice and the absence of good faith beyond a reasonable doubt in this case.” This is just another way of him saying that if he’d taken these killer pigs to court, he would have just let them walk anyway—so he’s going to save time and just not file any charges. This is a hard kick in the teeth to a community that is already under the boot of the Pasco police and the powers that be.

The people demand that these killer cops be tried, convicted and sent to jail!

THIS IS NOT OVER. There are people in Pasco who are determined to not let this injustice go down—and they must be supported.

August 22, 2015--Pasco, Washington
August 22, Pasco, Washington. Photo: Special to

Supporters of Revolution/ have been part of the protests in Pasco against the murder of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, standing with the struggle, and bringing the movement of revolution to the people. On August 22, we met people who took up the BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! T-shirt and started learning more about Bob Avakian (BA), who is leading a movement for an actual revolution. And Which Side Are You On?/Rise Up October is being built here, calling on people to go to the October 24 national march in New York City to STOP police terror and murder.




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