Chicago Artists for Rise Up October: An Evening of Art, Poetry and Spoken Word Against Murder by Police

September 21, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Artists in Chicago supporting Rise Up October are organizing what promises to be an inspiring, and thought-provoking, evening of visual and performing art to raise funds to send 100 members of families who have lost loved ones to police murder to New York City for October 22-24! The Invitation to Artists (see below) is circulating now, and several artists well known in the community where the exhibit will be held have already donated work to the event, along with others. The venue is in the heart of Pilsen, a Mexican-American community that is now a very lively art scene as well, so this exhibit will be bringing Rise Up October into communities of the oppressed, of artists and galleries, and of middle-class art lovers.

Much more is needed and possible, so artists, graphic designers, poets and performers are all invited to get in touch with the organizers (email address below).

An Invitation to Artists:
Stop Police Terror! Which Side Are You On?

A call for an evening of art, poetry and spoken word against police murder.

When: 4 to 8 pm, Sunday, Oct. 11
Where: La Catrina Cafe, 1011 W. 18th St., Chicago
Who: YOU!

Artists, the forces of repression are killing people across this land on a daily basis, spreading terror in the communities of the oppressed and destroying families. While thousands have taken to the streets to fight against this police terror, let's not forget that the canvas, the pen, the word are also weapons in this struggle.

We have seen the videos and taken to the streets, where we have been met by massive police presence and thousands of arrests. Body cams and training are offered as solutions— and yet police ARE still killing our people, and they are getting away with it! No one can say they don't know. If, in the face of all this, one refuses to take action, that IS complicity. That's why we will say in massive numbers on Oct 24: Which Side Are You On? STOP Police Terror!

In this spirit, we are organizing an evening of art, poetry and spoken word in Chicago to inspire and incite political resistance that will culminate in a Major National Mobilization in New York on October 24. Please read the Call for October 24 and sign! The proceeds from sales of art at this evening will go to funding transportation of families who have lost loved ones to police murder so they can participate in "Rise Up October" in New York on October 22, 23 and 24. Check out the website for details.

Artists who have already committed to contributing to this event include José Guerrero, Alejandro Medina, Jill McLaughlin, Ayana Tomeka, Muhammed Naqee, and Victor Alegría.

Artist who are interested in participating are invited to email us at

Artists For Rise Up October, Chicago



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