Excerpts from some of the many statements of support for Noche Diaz

September 21, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Statement forwarded from Dr. Cornel West, who could not attend Noche’s court appearance:

 “I wholeheartedly support dropping the charges against Noche.”


As a Presbyterian Clergy, I have a duty to respond to matters that concern justice. I am aware that Noche Diaz is facing charges in county court tomorrow. If any matter is a concern for justice, this certainly is. What is at stake here is the ongoing lethal assault by police against people of color in oppressed neighborhoods. Mr. Diaz represents the voice crying out against those assaults, yet he is the one being charged. Things have gotten turned around backwards. What is necessary is that all charges against Mr. Diaz be dropped immediately and that charges be brought against those police who act in violence against innocent persons. Only then will justice truly be served.

The Rev. Dr. Robert L. Brashear, Pastor
West-Park Presbyterian Church


Noche Diaz’s right to protest is upheld by our Constitution. The First Amendment protects free speech and peaceful assembly, all charges against him must be dropped. I marched with Noche and his commitment to work for justice is unparalleled. This is the United States of America, we do not jail people for working towards a more perfect union.

Aida L. Montero
Member, Riverside Church


Edward “Noche” Diaz is a community leader who stands in the tradition of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and so many other freedom fighters. It has been an honor to march by Noche’s side in the work for justice. Freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. I and many others call for all charges against Noche to be dismissed, immediately. Thank you.

Nkosi Anderson, M. Div.
Ph.D. Student, Union Theological Seminary


As you take the difficult case of Noche Diaz, I ask you to pursue the true “justice for all,” on which this country was founded. When I sat on a jury a number of years ago, it was made clear to us that, at every trial, American justice was on trial, and not just the defendant. We were to make sure that it was equally applied, and impartially applied. If Noche Diaz, alone, is convicted of criminal charges, it will be clear that this does not hold true. It will be clear that American justice has failed a test.

When police are attacked, it is true that justice is in danger, for the police are charged with upholding justice. But when police attack others, it is equally true that justice is in danger, for the same reason—for the police are charged with upholding justice.

I hope that the Brooklyn DA’s office will continue to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, for us all.

Rev. Stephen C. Holton, STM
Episcopal Diocese of New York


To the Brooklyn DA’s office:

I believe Edward ‘Noche’ Diaz should have all charges dropped against him by your office. His actions and motivations come from a deep and heartfelt commitment to bring about a more just and humane criminal justice for all New York City residents.

Prof. James Vrettos
Sociology Dept., John Jay College of Criminal Justice



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