New revelations in 2011 murder by police of Darius Pinex:

Criminal Conspiracy by the Chicago PD:
How to get away with murder

September 26, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Darius Pinex

The pigs who murdered Darius Pinex did so without any justification at all. The story they gave to justify his murder was a lie: They claimed they been warned by a dispatcher that Darius’ car matched the description of a car involved in a shooting. In fact, they never got any such dispatch. Only after they murdered him were they fed a dispatch from another part of the city, at another time, that a car similar to the one Darius was driving was involved in a shooting incident. A whole series of police and other officials concocted this lie and consciously covered it up. FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SAY “THAT COULDN’T HAPPEN, TOO MANY PEOPLE WOULD HAVE TO BE PART OF THE COVER-UP”—IT DID AND DOES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.

How to get away with murder: This is not about the popular TV show by that name. This is about the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the murder by police of Darius Pinex and the immediate, extensive, and prolonged cover-up of this murder involving multiple agencies. It was a conspiracy to cover it up that only now, almost five years later, is coming into the light of day.

On a dark, freezing night in January 2011 in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Darius Pinex and his passenger were pulled over in a traffic stop. It’s hard to think about how terrifying it must have been for Darius and his passenger. The police beamed blinding lights into the windshield, the cop’s vehicle blocked Darius’ car and out sprang two cops with masks on and guns drawn, fingers on the trigger. Within minutes, Raoul Mosqueda and Gildardo Sierra had fired a hail of bullets. Sierra alone fired eight shots into the vehicle. Darius died at the scene, a fatal gunshot wound to the head at the age of 27. Mosqueda and Sierra insisted that Darius’ vehicle fit the description of a car wanted in an earlier shooting, as justification for the fact they riddled the car with bullets. On the South Side of Chicago, yet another family devastated by the police killing of their loved one. Parents grieving, little brothers traumatized, a child growing up without her dad. Darius’ mom, Gloria, knew it wasn’t right and set out to fight it.

There was no justice for Darius. The state’s attorney refused to press charges and treated it as a “justifiable homicide.” The Independent Police Review Board did nothing. One immediate consequence of the conspiracy to protect Sierra and cover up Darius’ murder was that within months, Sierra had murdered yet again. In this second murder, a leaked police dash-cam video shows the victim, Flint Farmer, lying face down on the ground as pig Sierra slowly, methodically circles around his body firing shot after shot after shot. The gun Farmer supposedly had that night turned out to be a cell phone. After the Chicago Tribune did a major article exposing this in 2011, the state’s attorney AND the federal authorities launched investigations into what happened. But nothing came of it and no charges have ever been brought.

The CPD did, however, reward Sierra. For committing these two murders and shooting a teenager in that same period, Sierra was transferred over to work in the city’s 311 (non-emergency) call center for a salary of over $70,000/year.

Yes there's a conspiracy, to get the cops off

"Yes there's a conspiracy... to get the cops off" Is a clip from Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About, a film of a talk by Bob Avakian, given in 2003 in the United States. Bob Avakian is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Watch the entire film online at

But as bad as all this is, it is not all. What has come to light is a criminal conspiracy to cover up and justify the murder of Darius Pinex. This was a result of a civil suit courageously filed by Gloria Pinex Dittaway, Darius’ mother. Day after day, Gloria had to sit in the courtroom across from the two pigs who murdered her son, while the City of Chicago attorney defending them blamed her Darius for his own death. If it had not been for a small slip-up in the testimony of a dispatcher, the cops’ story would not have come unraveled and the BIG LIE TOLD OVER AND OVER BY THE pigs would not have come out.

The stunning revelation was that the police had straight-up lied about why they treated Darius as a dangerous criminal in the first place. However, even with this the judge would not direct a finding in favor of the Pinex family. Even with this, the jury swallowed the police version of events. Gloria, in anguish after the police walked away unpunished, told the press, “How can you side with somebody who just lied in your face? They’ve been lying to me for four whole years, knowing that tape existed and they never gave it to me. But they let them walk, and my son’s gone for nothing?”

It was so blatant that the Chicago city lawyers had failed to turn over a crucial piece of evidence like the dispatch tape that, in the wake of the trial, the judge ordered an inquiry into possible misconduct on the part of the city attorney who defended Sierra and Mosqueda. The subsequent discovery of a major and criminal cover-up is extensively documented in a front-page Chicago Tribune article published on September 26, 2015.

What has been revealed is nothing short of a criminal conspiracy. Murder and aiding and abetting murder. The lawyers for the Darius Pinex family are pressing for the judge to overturn the jury verdict in favor of the cops and find for the family or to force a new civil suit.

Darius’ mother released the following statement in response to the Chicago Tribune story:

For 4 years I have been deceived. I always knew I was being lied to - just never knew that it was to this extent and how many people played a role in covering it up.

Indict the cops! Fire the lead prosecutor. I want all that. I want justice!

I want everybody who is pissed off about this system to be with me on October 22, 23, and 24 in New York City. Rise Up October Stop Police Terror! Which Side Are You On?


STEPS IN A COVER-UP (as documented by the Chicago Tribune, 09/26/2015):

  • In the hour immediately following the police murder of Darius, a CPD supervisor on the scene discovered that there had been no justifiable basis to stop Darius’ vehicle in the first place. And certainly no basis to justify immediately pulling guns and shooting at the driver of the car.
  • The CPD supervisor then called an emergency dispatcher and, against protocol, the two moved the conversation off police public frequencies that are monitored and recorded and on to their private cell phones.
  • Darius’ lawyers have said that over these private cell phones, the cover-up likely began, concocting a story to justify a “dangerous traffic stop.” Everyone involved claims they don’t remember what was discussed, but gave the supervisor details about an EARLIER dispatch in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT police district involving an Aurora (the kind of car Pinex was driving) that was suspected in a shooting. This crucial information was then fed AFTER THE FACT to the murdering cops.
  • Sierra and Mosqueda could NOT have heard the dispatch over their police radio as they claimed for four years because it was not broadcast in either their police zone or citywide. This was a complete fabrication.
  • Sierra and Mosqueda repeated this claim that they knew to be false to investigative agencies and in legal proceedings during the civil trial. The CPD supervisor who crafted it and the dispatchers all knew it was a fabrication.
  • The city of Chicago’s legal department has lawyers who defend the police in civil suits. According to the Chicago Tribune, these lawyers “told the [jury] panel in no uncertain terms that the officers had heard a message telling them to be on the lookout for the dangerous vehicle and had every right to be on high alert when they pulled Pinex over...”
  • During the trial, a dispatcher’s testimony hinted that there might be another relevant dispatch. The City of Chicago lawyer denied knowing anything about it. In fact, he had been fully informed more than a week before trial and had not disclosed it to the lawyers for the Pinex family.
  • It further came out that a copy of the dispatch that showed the police were lying from the beginning was provided to the area detective sergeant working the case back in 2011.




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