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September 24, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us



Dear Revolution Reports,

I'm hearing from some of the people we are reaching out to for Rise Up October who say they are supportive and friendly, saying thanks for letting them know about Oct 24, but they can't get to NYC, and asking what they can do in their area. And I have some thoughts on how we need to respond.

Rise Up October has to change history. It has to be an extremely powerful demonstration in New York City that will impact millions countrywide. So everyone, everywhere, needs to start from that and then figure out how to take the most powerful stand possible with the people who have been victims of this brutality and murder by the police and declare "no more"—POLICE MURDER MUST STOP NOW—wherever they are.

What should we tell people to do who are not in NYC?  Get the word out that this is happening, raise money, make it a mass movement in your area to find ways to get people there—to NYC to make this powerful statement. Everyone, everywhere should be getting out the word FAR and WIDE and mobilizing buses and car caravans, raising money for flights, helping make it possible for 100 families of people murdered by police to be there, and finding every possible way to be in NYC and help others be there. Nothing less.

Carl Dix’ speech on August 27 put it like this:

"We will change history. We will inspire thousands and yes millions, who are tired of being treated like criminals and tired of seeing cops patrolling their communities like occupying armies, to see that they don't have to take this, to see that it's not their fault. And they will stand up and act to stop this. We will rally to their side thousands of people from other sections of society who refuse to stand aside while horrors are inflicted on people because of the color of their skin. We will open the eyes of those who don't suffer these horrors, challenging them to quit swallowing the lying justifications the authorities give for continuing to give a green light to killer cops, challenging them to get off the sidelines—Which Side Are You On? Are you on the side of acting to STOP these horrors? Or are you on the side of continuing to let them go down? There's no middle ground, no neutrality, on this. You gotta choose a side. And I don't mean just giving us your sympathy. I mean actively joining in the resistance and mobilizing others to resist too. You gotta join with this effort to make October 24 as powerful as possible. You gotta listen when somebody here tonight tells you what you can do and who you can hook up with to be part of RiseUpOctober, or, and let me be real—if you and people like you don't throw in on this—it ain't gonna happen.

"And it HAS to happen."


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