A Message from a Donor to the Rise Up October Campaign

September 27, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The following message is from a donor who has put up $5,000 as a matching fund for the campaign for Rise Up October to Stop Police Terror/Which Side Are You On? and the effort to bring families from the around the country to New York for October 24.

“I decided to give this $5,000 to encourage others to donate to the Rise Up October effort.

“Is this a sacrifice? Yes. This money would be very useful for other things. But when I think of the sacrifices of others, like the parents of children killed by the police, then I think this sacrifice is not so much. These families are not given a choice in the matter. And we are not given a choice whether to live in a place where some people are treated like runaway slaves. Our choice only comes when we refuse to accept this injustice and take action.

“If the actions in New York this October 22 to 24 can encourage more people to take an active stand against murder by police, which I think it can, then it is well worth this sacrifice, and a great deal more.

“For those who think that things are tolerable the way they are, I can only say, your standards are way, way too low. Listen to the families. Shake yourself awake. Help make Rise Up October a significant event. Go to New York October 24 and contribute to the effort for a more just world.”





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