Press Conference Exposes Cover-up – Demands Justice for Darius Pinex

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Gloria Pinex, mother of Darius Pinex

Above: Gloria Pinex speaks at the press conference

Gloria Pinex called a press conference to speak publically about the conspiracy to cover up the murder of her son Darius Pinex that hit the Internet Saturday and was front page in the Sunday Chicago Tribune.

She said:

"My son Darius was murdered for no reason. Right from the beginning it was a cover up. I was out in the cold January night trying to find out what happened to my son. The police wouldn’t talk to me. They told their story to a reporter, but they would not talk to me his mother.

"For over 4 years I have been seeking the truth about what happened to my son and to get justice. I never gave up. They lied to me this whole time. I didn’t realize how far the lies went. They talked on their personal cell phones at the scene to be off monitored police communications. They said my son had backed the car at them. They described how he did it. They didn’t even know my son’s shift was on the floor.

"I want justice for my son. I want Gildardo Sierra and Raoul Mosqueda locked up – indicted, convicted and jailed for the murder of my son. I want everyone who was involved in this cover-up (and there were a lot of people). I want them fired.

"I want justice for all the families. Over 800 killed by police this year.

"I want everyone to join me in NYC on October 22, 23 and 24 to Rise Up October! Stop the Police Terror! Which Side are you on? "

* * *

Major media from ABC, CBS, Univision and the Chicago Tribune covered the press conference. It was attended by a number of community activists, stolen lives family members, members of the Chicago Revolution Club. The mother, grandmother and brother of Darius Pinex family spoke. Standing with them and speaking were two other stolen lives family members, the mother of Dakota Bright and the father of Freddie Latrice Wilson. All have endorsed Rise Up October. Gator Bradley spoke representing the family of Flint Farmer – Flint was murdered by Gildardo Sierra 6 months after Darius was murdered by that same cop -- a direct consequence of this cover-up. Community activists at the press conference included Brother Raymond of Brothers Standing Together; Tio Hardiman; Hal Baskin; and William Ayers of Movement Reimagining Change. Iggy Flo spoke from the Revolution Club.

For the story of the murder of Darius Pinex and the police coverup see “New revelations in 2011 murder by police of Darius Pinex: Criminal Conspiracy by the Chicago PD: How to get away with murder”

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