Students: Which Side Are You On?

September 28, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


If students hear the stories of the lives stolen by the police, and the need to make #RiseUpOctober a powerful manifestation and organize events on their campuses where these families could speak, and call on others to be part of this, the possibility will open up for thousands of students to lend support to these families—and they will feel challenged and inspired to join in #RiseUpOctober.

Family members of some of the people whose lives were stolen by police.

Family members of some of the people whose lives were stolen by police. (Photo:

What to do:

(1) Organize your campus to come to NYC!

Think caravans, buses, trains, flights, etc. Contact or call (646) 418-4758 to post on

(2) Bring the #RiseUpOctober Tour to your college campus.

Watch this 11-minute clip reel from the August 27 program “What We Must Do To STOP Police Terror & Murder” as a model of the impact this tour can have on others.

(3) Teach-In—"In the 60's and 70's students didn't care what their teachers said. A lot of students are miseducated. We should be talking about Race, Feminism, Police Brutality..."
(from a H.S. student who organized a Teach-In leading into #ShutDownA14).

Call for students to gather somewhere on campus and have a teach-in on STOPPING POLICE TERROR. This can have a very positive synergy leading into October 22-24th in NYC.

(4) Organize your student groups for Rise Up October.

Email every single organization on your campus (as most can be found online) or call and leave a message about #RiseUpOctober and why they should organize themselves and their networks for Rise Up October.

Note: A lot of campus organizations have national connections!

(5) Make classroom announcements.

Print out copies of the Stolen Lives Poster:

...and make an announcement in your classes. Let people know why you're taking up #RiseUpOctober and call on people to join you to be in NYC on October 22-24th.

(6) Print & distribute copies of #RiseUpOctober materials

Post them on bulletin boards, leave them at coffee shops, or get some friends together and pass them out on a busy area on campus. Whenever you can, give away stacks to others, and challenge them to do the same!

(7) Join the Student Task Force

We're having weekly conference calls on Monday 6:30PM ET. Email or call/text (646) 418-4758 for call-in details.


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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