#RiseUpOctober: STOP Police Terror
Which Side Are You On?

Come Out & Show it during 3 Days of Action October 22-24 NYC

Initiated by Carl Dix & Cornel West

October 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us




Thursday, October 22: National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation

 10:00 am Stolen Lives—#Say Their Names
A commemoration of hundreds of unarmed people killed by law enforcement in the U.S., launching three days of action. Join families whose loved ones' lives have been stolen; artists, musicians, actors, faith leaders, elected representatives, professors in reading the names. 
Father Duffy Square, 47th Street & Broadway in Times Square, Manhattan

2:00 pm Rally to Stop Police Brutality & Murder; Brooklyn
NYPD officers have killed dozens of people in Brooklyn. This must STOP! Join the protest.
Columbus Park, Borough Hall

3:00 pm MARCH to Barclays Center, Atlantic Avenue & Flatbush, Brooklyn 

Friday, October 23: Shut Down Rikers Island

 It's been called “New York's Abu Ghraib,” a combination torture chamber & concentration camp. After years of exposure, after lawsuits and decrees, horrors that shock the conscience continue unabated. In the country's largest jail, every day lives are irreparably damaged. 

Join in a non-violent direct action and protest to Shut Down Rikers Island. Sign up to be part of the action, or to provide support. Write: AddMyVoice@RiseUpOctober.org
Action will start in the morning.  Time/gathering site TBA on riseupoctober.org.

Saturday, October 24: Flood the Streets to STOP Police Terror

11:00 am Rally at Washington Square Park
Gather your school, faith group, union to march together. Bring your signs & banners, your children, and take the day to show which side you're on. 

1:00 pm MARCH to put our demand to the whole world.
This genocidal epidemic of murder by police must STOP. This will be a peaceful & determined march. At the front will be the “Stolen Lives” families. 

4:00 pm Rally at Columbus Circle, 59th Street & Broadway

Volunteer at RiseUpOctober.org  outreach@riseupoctober.org 646 709 1961


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