From a Rise Up October Volunteer: “I’m not shy or afraid to challenge people and even argue with them if they are taking the wrong side”

September 29, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


A member of the Revolution Club on the West Coast wrote this statement about why she is volunteering to go to New York City to be part of building for Rise Up October:

I want to volunteer to go to New York early to help get Rise Up October everywhere. I’m part of the Revolution Club. I have been doing work in the city I’m in to organize people to get them to New York on October 24. I think people need to be challenged around “which side are you on?” and what people are going to do to act to put a stop to these murders. Because there is a genocide in front of us and the difference Rise Up October will make in society when you have thousands and thousands of people in the streets demanding this stop. People need to hear that challenge.

I’m not shy or afraid to challenge people and even argue with them if they are taking the wrong side. I have talked to family members, to artists and prominent people. I’m not shy to go to these kinds of people and make the argument of why they need to act. I’m not shy to agitate in front of a lot of people and call on them to get with this. I can contribute all that and more. I’m ready to go all out with Rise Up October. And throw in, in whatever ways I can, to make October what it needs to be.



Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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