Massacre in Yemen: Blessed by the U.S. Godfathers

October 1, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


The Godfather ends with gangster Michael Corleone attending the baptism of his nephew at the same time his underlings unleash a bloodbath upon his enemies. This week, Barack Obama gave his tacit blessing to a real-life slaughter that totally eclipsed the violence and hypocrisy of that fictional movie scene.

On Tuesday, September 29, Obama chaired a United Nations meeting on “combating terrorism.” On September 28, key U.S. ally Saudi Arabia led a bombing attack that rained death on a wedding party in Yemen. By Tuesday afternoon, while Obama’s “anti-terrorism” conference was in full swing, a UN official reported that the gruesome toll of dead from the wedding bombing had reached 135.

The Saudi-led coalition has repeatedly and ruthlessly murdered thousands of Yemeni civilians by bombing. (See “Mass Murder of Civilians in Yemen ‘Made in USA‘“). The U.S. has fully backed the Saudi-led onslaught and has sent over $90 billion in military equipment to the Islamic fundamentalist Saudi government in the last five years.

Saudi officials at first said the bombing of this wedding party was “a mistake”; within a few hours they were denying responsibility. But two things are certain. One is that the blood of thousands of dead Yemeni civilians is on the hands of Obama and other U.S. officials, who sponsor, advise, and supply the Saudi military and who provide diplomatic and political support to the thoroughly reactionary Saudi government. The horrific, ongoing massacres and devastation that have turned Yemen into a living hell are truly “made in the USA.” The other is that Michael Corleone and his family couldn’t hold a candle to the worldwide terror presided over by Barack Obama and other U.S. rulers, and to the crimes of the U.S. empire.

STOP wars of empire, armies of occupation, and crimes against humanity!



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