New York Prison System... a System of Sadistic, Brutal, Torturing, and Murdering Pigs

October 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


From readers:

Ramon Fabian, doing a one-year sentence on a drug conviction in Ulster Correctional Facility in upstate New York, was yelled at and told to “shut up” by a prison guard during one of the numerous headcounts during the day.

Once count was over, Ramon Fabian was singled out. He was taken past a set of double doors out of sight of other prisoners and out of sight of the electronic surveillance cameras. He was slammed against the concrete wall and made to “spread eagle.” At which point a pig kicked Ramon as hard as he could with the tip of his boot dead straight into his groin.

Ramon fell to the concrete floor in excruciating pain and agony. Unable to get up and walk, he could only groan and cry from the horrible pain.

When the pigs finally put him in a van and took him to a hospital 80 miles away, doctors had to perform emergency surgery, removing part of Ramon’s right testicle.

This happened a year ago when Ramon was 20 years old.

The whole prison system, the whole system of guards rallied to defend and protect not only this pig—but the legitimacy of this whole system of sadistic, brutalizing, and torturing pigs.

Samuel Harrell

Samuel Harrell

On April 21, Samuel Harrell, a 30-year-old Black man at Fishkill Correctional Facility—again in upstate New York—announced while in the TV room that his family was coming to take him home. He packed up his property and waited for their arrival.

Samuel Harrell was known to have a bipolar disorder. Samuel was pounced upon—savagely jumped by as many as 20 pigs known around the prison as the Beat Up Squad.

They knocked Samuel down to the concrete. They kicked and beat him until he lost consciousness. They beat him some more.

They threw his lifeless body down the metal stairs, where they continued to beat, kick, and stomp him, literally jumping up and down on his now obviously dead body—as though it was a “trampoline,” in the words of one prisoner.

Prisoners who witnessed this were either beaten, threatened with receiving the same treatment, or put in solitary confinement. Torture.

These sadistic pigs go around boasting and bragging about what they do. Not one of them has been indicted, convicted, or sent to jail for the murder of Samuel Harrell.

The beating, torture, and murder of prisoners by guards is common not only in Rikers Island (New York City version of the county jail) but common throughout the New York prison system.

After two prisoners escaped from Clinton—the maximum-security prison in upstate New York—guards went around beating prisoners, torturing (choking) them by placing plastic bags over their heads, trying to extract information.

Doing to them what they do to prisoners at Guantánamo Bay and other places.

This whole capitalist-imperialist system, with its system of prisons, courts, and mass incarceration, its system of sadistic, brutalizing, murdering pigs—is an endless horror for millions, tens of millions here, billions more around the world.

It cries out to be overturned, broken apart, dismantled, and defeated—through a revolution involving tens of millions of people—and replaced with an entirely new system at the earliest time possible.



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