A Prisoner on October 24:

“Very large numbers of people should lend their support to this most worthy cause”

October 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Hail Comrades,

Revolutionary greetings! Big up the R.C.P!....Regarding the October 24th initiative, spearheaded by comrade Dix and comrade West, very large numbers of people should lend their support to this most-worthy cause. We all need to strongly denounce this increasingly oppressive terror-unit, calling itself “law enforcement.” The callous way in which it casually murders and criminalizes large segments of minority citizens is appalling, and runs counter to its claim of serving and protecting. The million dollar question is: serve and protect who? It’s quite obvious that it isn’t members of the lower-class (especially minorities). We see where this segment of the population receives a peculiar brand of policing that can best be described as a form of occupation. These people are constantly preyed-upon & targeted by the police.

It is quite obvious that the police serve and protect the interest/s of the ruling class, who sanctions their terror. Seen from this angle, this terror can be accurately described as state terror. If the power-structure didn’t/isn’t endorsing these horrors then they wouldn’t be a recurring thing in U.S. society. This revelation opens a can of worms because the inquiring mind is compelled to ask: how does it benefit the power-structure to have a segment of society constantly targeted, preyed-upon and earmarked for destruction? What do they stand to gain by allowing their enforcers (the police) to terrorize Hispanic and colored youth of the lower class?

In one of his poignant discourses, Chairman Avakian profoundly points out the need of the power structure to repress minority youth because they pose a threat or, they are perceived as a potential threat to the current socio/economic system currently in place. This same system shuts out any real opportunity of advancement for a large segment of these minority youths. Fearing the righteous anger of these “outcast” youths, the policy makers have decided to conduct a very sophisticated low-intensity warfare against them in an attempt to solidify and maintain their control. These youths are demonized, criminalized and ostracized in order to justify the assault that is leveled at them, which manifests in various ways. These include mass incarceration, various types of discrimination, intimidation, miseducation, and sometimes our annihilation. A slow genocide is the aim of this low intensity warfare.

At some point even those who claim exemption from this State sanctioned police-terror will have to either shrink from their battered conscience (due to indifference), or shrink from the contradiction that they are “law abiding” citizens, yet they allow inhumanity/injustice to thrive in this so called free, democratic society. They’ll be forced to come to terms with the accurate indictment of complicity on their part.

Chairman B A once stated that, indifference is essentially violence. This position is shared by comrade Noam Chomsky, who stated: “It is the fundamental duty of the citizenry to resist and restrain the violence of the State. Those who disregard this responsibility can justly be accused of complicity in war crimes, which is itself designated as a crime under international law, in the principles of the charter of Nuremberg.”

It requires the combined force of a large segment of the society to call-out these nefarious outrages and expose the many contradictions riddled in this bankrupt, putrid, oppressive and biased system which has an insatiable appetite for fresh victims.

Keep the Revolutionary Fire Burning Red Hot!

Stand firm,

Comrade XXX



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