Some experience in building for October 24 among the basic people

September 29, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Never underestimate the effect one very committed and energetic person can make in getting the word out about October 24 and raising funds to get to NYC for that day! Recently we had a serious sit down about October 24- Rise Up October with the mother of a young man who died suspiciously while being chased by the police. We talked about why a massive demonstration in NYC can make the difference between stopping police murder and brutality or letting the police and all their backers push the people down further. We went through the 3 points in the editorial on “Why There Must Be a Truly MASSIVE Outpouring Against Police Murder on October 24 and Why YOU Are Needed.” We talked about why families of police victims need to be in NYC that day to stand together and say THIS MUST STOP.

After talking with us, the mother got on the phone and got three friends and another family member to come out with her the next day to sell hot dogs to raise funds for her and her other son to go to NYC. The owner of a local bodega agreed to let them use his parking lot. A Stolen Lives banner was hung on the fence. Immediately,the crew began shouting into the bullhorn, chanting to ‘join us’, passing out cards and seeking donations. Traffic slowed down, people got out and if they didn’t buy a hot dog, they made some kind of donation. What they said hit a strong nerve, as passersby also told of loved ones whose lives were stolen by police, victims we never heard of. But most importantly, there was the feeling that this epidemic of police murder of Black and Brown youth had to stop NOW. They raised $100 that day and planned to come out the following day.

The following day, the mother had to work and her friends did not go out. When we put this before the mother, she decided that she needs to be the organizer every day. She had listened in on a conference call that included family members from around the country, heard how this is truly a national movement calling on people to be in NYC on O24. We shared with her the interview with Alice Howell about the importance of fighting not just for her grandson but for all victims of police murder, going to her grave to end it! The mother here was even more determined to be in NYC and to raise funds for her family and others. She planned another BBQ for the weekend.

On the weekend, her friends again did not show up (but one of them did get a REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! T-shirt from the mother who proudly wears her shirt whenever going out to tell people about Rise UP October), but her son’s friends, Black men in their 20s, did. They wanted to show their respect for the mother, their friend and wanted to support her going to NYC in October. They found different ways to help even if they were not loudly agitating. An artist walked by the lively scene outside the project where the mother lives. Right away, the mother said, “We need beautiful banners for NYC. Can you make them?” and got him organized on the spot to make the banners. $150 was raised, including a donation from a middle class man who worked with the young man who had been killed on his music. He had come to see the memorial for the young man, learned about O24 for the first time and wants to learn more.

Later, some of us sat down with the mother to read BAsics with her and talk about how O24 is part of getting prepared for revolution to finally put an end to police murder.

Now, over a number of weeks this family has raised funds for two airplane tickets and they are not stopping. Another BBQ is planned for Tuesday afternoon to raise funds so others can go. People like this mother, who are clear and sure about the need for October 24, can make a big difference in a neighborhood and beyond.



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