Noche Diaz

Noche Diaz speaking at Times Square, New York City, on August 13 at a show stopping event that included major recording artists, community leaders, and family members of victims of police murder in the fight against police terror. Photo:

Who Is Noche Diaz?
Why Do the Police Keep Targeting Him?
Why Do YOU Need to Stand With Noche at His Upcoming Trials and Join with Him and Thousands More in #RiseUpOctober?

October 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Noche Diaz, year after year, over and over, is someone the NYPD has harassed, threatened, arrested, and slammed with charges after charges. Right now he faces two cases in Manhattan, with a total of four criminal misdemeanor charges.

But Noche Diaz is NOT a criminal. Every day, Black people and Latinos are shot down by cops, or choked out. Walking down the street, or sitting in a wheelchair; in their own homes, or playing in a park. Beaten, tased, and tortured on the streets, or in the jails and prisons. Raided and rounded up in huge militarized police assaults.

Noche Diaz is under attack because in the face of all this ugliness he has refused to accept their murderous and illegitimate authority as eternal; he has stood up, and stood with others when they stand up, to this system’s terror. Not just for himself, and not by himself, but as part of a revolution to emancipate humanity from this long nightmare. He is a leader in the NYC Revolution Club, works with the Revolutionary Communist Party, and was an early member of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

Since Ferguson, we have seen the potential of those kept down to rise up, to challenge all of this terror and brutality, to wake up large parts of society and change what people think is needed and possible, and to inspire tens of thousands to act. This potential is what this system is trying to suffocate in the cradle.

This is why #RiseUpOctober must be a massive outpouring where tens of thousands in the streets make clear to all their answer to the question: Which Side Are YOU On? STOP POLICE TERROR! This is why Noche cannot and will not stand alone. We will not let them take our leaders. We will not let them criminalize people who stand up to police murder and terror.

We will make sure they know: WE STAND WITH NOCHE! DROP ALL THE CHARGES! There will be no empty courtroom where they can silently lock away a freedom fighter. In the court, and in the street, we will wage a fierce battle to keep Noche out of their clutches.




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