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Police Terror Must Stop!

October 6, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Use the following announcement in whatever way you can. Send ideas to students@riseupoctober.org on how to spread the word in a huge hurry!


Subject line: "Alert! Cornel West, Carl Dix, Eve Ensler & more Wed Oct 7


Wed. Oct 7th Lerner Hall Auditorium (Columbia University)
West 114 and Broadway (1 train to 116)

Police Terror Must Stop!

Cornel West
Carl Dix
Jamal Joseph
Eve Ensler
Kimberle Crenshaw
families of police murder victims

Doors open at 7:30 pm
Program starts at 8:00 pm

Watch the livestream of the event here.


Eric Garner... Mike Brown... Sandra Bland... Tamir Rice... Freddie Gray...

One after another — and so many others, precious Black and Brown lives — victims of police murder. We think of their faces, and furiously ache for justice. Over 1000 people a year killed by police — yet since 2005, less than 60 indictments, less than 25 convictions!

What must be done to stop this?  Which side are you on?  Come hear these incredible speakers on these most burning questions.

After a lot of obstruction and red-tape, CU administration has finally opened up a space for CU/Barnard students to hear from these incredible speakers on Wed night, Oct 7.

Because this approval came at the last minute, you need to help spread the word!

1) Forward this email to your listserves!

2) Join and share the Facebook event with EVERYBODY: https://www.facebook.com/events/1639485606330450/

3) ALL DAY Wed JOIN the STUDENT TASK FORCE for #RiseUpOctober to promote this event: reply to this email with your contact information or text/call (646)343-7531

4) Make class announcement! Text all your friends! Print out and distribute the (attached) flyer! And most importantly, BE THERE! 


students@riseupoctober.org • 646-343-7531 • @StopMassIncNet

Sponsored by the Columbia University School of Social Work caucuses: Latina/o caucus, Black caucus, Policy caucus, Education caucus, Criminal Justice caucus.




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