Notice to Readers Going to the October 10 Justice or Else March in DC:

October 6, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Stolen Lives Installation

Seek out the doubled-sided tent installation of the “Stolen Lives” banner (8 am, Saturday, at northwest corner of Constitution Ave NW at 15th St. NW across from National Mall. Phone: 917-868-6007) and become part of the contingent that will be powerfully spreading the word about the Rise Up October actions in New York City to STOP police terror—be part of getting out this new issue of Revolution newspaper very broadly.

If you’re getting on the buses to the DC march, talk to the people on the way and back about Rise Up October and the revolution, get out materials, and organize. If you’re not going to DC, go to where the buses are leaving from and talk to the people getting on the buses about Rise Up October and about the real revolution.

Stop Police Terror!
Murder by Police Must Stop Now!
Which Side Are You On?
New York City, October 22-24


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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