A Challenge to Participants in the “Justice Or Else” Rally in DC:

"Justice or Else" march, Washington, DC, October 10

"Justice or Else" rally, Washington, DC, October 10. All photos: revcom.us


October 13, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Tens of thousands of people turned out in Washington, DC on October 10 for a rally led by a coalition initiated by the Nation of Islam. The tens of thousands of people in D.C. for “Justice or Else” on October 10 came out to call for justice, to protest and to seek answers. To all who did come out and who felt the power of their numbers: now is the time to build on this. The question of what to do now to STOP murder by police remains sharply posed; the moment to actually ACT on this situation, to take concrete action and challenge millions of others to do so as well—to ring out the call to ALL society of WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?—is here and now, and urgently must be seized.

"Justice or Else" rally, Washington, DC, October 10

When asked what they thought was the biggest issue facing Black people today, the one thing that came up more than any other thing; that came up over and over, was police murder and brutality of Black people.  A Black man from Wilmington, Delaware – where the police recently gunned down and killed a Black man, paralyzed from the waist down, in a wheelchair – said, “How can you not indict the police who choked Mr. Garner? …The police are killing and it’s almost like a genocide. We are killing ourselves and the police are also along with it and there is no justice. I was just thinking it’s like when they were going out West in this country they were killing the buffalos and the Indians to move them out of the way. And now they are killing Black people to get ‘em out of the way because they do not want us here.”

There IS an epidemic of police terror. And this situation is not static. Either the protests and resistance will be repressed or derailed and the controversy shut down, with the horrors not only staying in place but intensifying... or people will come forth in much greater numbers and determination than before, and seriously change the terms of how all of society looks at this and acts on it.

There is a way to do that, to fight this, right now, and to take this fight to a higher level. This October 24 in New York City thousands and thousands will pour into the streets, insisting to the world and the country: THIS MUST STOP! This will draw a sharp line in all of society: WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Everybody who agrees with the simple demand that POLICE MURDER AND TERROR MUST STOP should be there on October 24.

And YOU are needed. Get organized and be part of this. You’ll find all the resources you need to throw in to make this happen at www.revcom.us; www.stopmassincarceration.net; and www.riseupoctober.org. Call (646) 709-1961 or email info@riseupoctober.org


"Justice or Else" rally, Washington, DC, October 10

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