From a Student at Truman State University

October 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


I and many other students at Truman State University are supporting #RiseUpOctober because it is bringing urgently needed attention to the important issue of police brutality. The capitalist media has not given enough attention to this issue, and misrepresents reality in the news, fictional television, and the creation of a police culture that demonizes parts of our population along racial and economic lines. Through the process of organizing for this event, Truman’s campus dialogue has begun to change for the better. It is becoming increasingly important to ask ourselves which side we are on, and to have serious deliberations about how we feel on this issue. My anger is not directed at individual police officers, but instead the systemic problems that have been in the works for years in this country. It is not fair for police officers or the general population to have a situation as explosive as Ferguson, Baltimore, and many cities across the United States as part of our day to day lives.



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