“I will donate $500 this minute”

October 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From a reader in Houston:

I wanted to let readers know about an experience our team had this weekend. Two of us, revolutionaries, were taking a break after a long day of taking out Rise Up October. We were sitting on the patio of a pub, and my friend asked the man at the table nearby about the appetizer he was eating. He looked over and commented, “I really like your shirt.” (I was wearing the RiseUpOctober/Which Side Are You On? shirt.)

I immediately walked over to his table, sat down with him while he was eating, and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but we are facing an emergency situation!” He didn’t mind at all. I explained that we are about to make history with a massive national march in New York City to stop police terror, and that he must be a part of it... and then asked him what he thinks.

He expressed his outrage about the police murdering people with impunity, and described, “After Ferguson, I talked with all my colleagues, a mostly white law firm [he is a middle-aged Black man] and they even donated money for people to travel to Ferguson. But the racism and police brutality, it just doesn’t stop, it’s getting worse. How do you confront white people with the horrors of police brutality, what else can we do?”

After a very short back and forth, describing the amazing, courageous families, showing him the Stolen Lives poster, about changing the thinking of millions with Rise Up October, and how he can participate right now, support this financially to bring 100 families to NYC, traveling from all over the country, he said, “I would be there myself if I could!”

He explained to me that he’s an attorney, and that he wants to spread this to other attorneys he knows. As he went through the pages of Revolution newspaper, a big smile came over his face. “I’m going to post this [the centerfold] up on my office window. You just don’t know, I am so happy to hear this is happening!”

He finished dinner, cleaned his hands, pulled out his phone, and told me, “You are right, this is so important, and I want to help make sure these families get to NYC. In fact, I will do it right now! Send me the link to the website, and I will donate $500 this minute.”



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