No! Hating and Fearing Blacks and Latinos Does NOT Justify Police Murder

October 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Justifying police murder because a cop claims he was in “fear” happens over and over:

  • Cleveland police murdered unarmed Melissa Williams and Timothy Russell in a hail of 137 police bullets on November 29, 2012 after a car chase. Michael Brelo was the only cop charged in this murder. A judge found him not guilty after Brelo’s lawyers argued he was “scared to death” of the unarmed victims—even though he jumped on the hood of their car and shot them 49 times!
  • Prosecutors in Ferguson, Missouri, convinced a grand jury to not indict police officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown on August 19, 2014. Wilson was allowed to tell the grand jury that he was in fear of Mike Brown, a young unarmed Black man, because to Wilson, Mike Brown looked “like a demon.”
  • Salinas, California, police terrorized, threatened, and then gunned down Carlos Mejia, a 44-year-old gardener carrying pruning sheers on May 20, 2014. The district attorney’s explanation for not prosecuting: It is legal for police to kill someone if they have “reasonable belief there is an imminent danger of great bodily injury, even if no danger actually existed.” [emphasis added]
  • Jordan Baker, an unarmed 26-year-old Black man was shot and killed by an off-duty cop at a mall in Houston, Texas, on January 16, 2014. Baker was riding his bike through the mall, unarmed, and minding his own business when he was accosted and killed. The district attorney orchestrated a decision by a grand jury to not bring charges against the cop after a police report said the killer was “fearing for his life” when he killed Jordan Baker.

No! Hating and Fearing Blacks and Latinos Does NOT Justify Police Murder!

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