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#RiseUpOctober: 3 Days of Mass Resistance, Oct 22-24 NYC: STOP Police Terror—Which Side Are You On?

Press Conference 11 am Monday October 19

October 16, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


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#RiseUpOctober: 3 Days of Mass Resistance, Oct 22-24 NYC: STOP Police Terror—Which Side Are You On?

PRESS CONFERENCE with initiators Carl Dix, Cornel West & others TBA 
WHEN: 11am, Monday, October 19 
WHERE: City Hall Steps, Manhattan

"RiseUpOctober—three powerful days of action Oct 22, 23, and a massive march in NYC on the 24th – aims to change history," says Carl Dix, co-initiator with Cornel West. "Thousands will flood New York from across the country to march, to resist, to put their bodies on the line. Their message: POLICE TERROR MUST STOP, AND IT'S UP TO US TO STOP IT!"

"We're at a crossroads: since Ferguson, thousands have risen up, but this resistance is being crushed and derailed, with repression and the promise of paltry reforms. Meanwhile, every day brings another outrage—reports justifying the murder of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a college freshman in DC beaten for the "crime" of being Black, hundreds more murdered by police over the last months, with their killers almost always walking free. #RiseUpOctober will draw a sharp line throughout society: police terror must stop, which side are you on?" says Dix.

What's coming together for #RiseUpOctober:

▪ Joining Dix and West on the #RiseUpOctober Advisory Board: Gina Belafonte, Eve Ensler, Jamal Joseph, Arturo O'Farrill, Rev. Stephen Phelps

▪ 100 families of those murdered by police from all across the country will come together October 24 to courageously tell their stories and to stand up and say No More Stolen Lives!

▪ Many prominent voices of conscience have endorsed the Call for #RiseUpOctober including: Ed Asner; educator Bill AyersHarry Belafonte; actor Ty Burrell; Noam Chomsky; theologian James Cone; actor Peter Coyote; lawyer Martin Garbus; Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Bernard Lown; activist Cindy Sheehan; Green Party candidate Jill Stein; David Strathairn; Quentin Tarantino; artist Hank Willis Thomas; singer Dan Zanes, and many others.

▪ Artists and writers: Ken Burns, Shepard Fairey, Alice Walker, Cornel West, and Gilbert Young have donated their work to the $100,000 crowdfunding campaign to bring 100 families from across the country to NYC.

▪ Many dozens of faith leaders from across the country are organizing with hundreds of students, grassroots activists and organizations.

The 3 Days:

▪ October 22, 10:00 am, Times Square: No More Stolen Lives, Say Their Names A Public Reading and Remembrance: A Demand for Justice. Over 40 families of people killed by police will gather to tell their stories, accompanied by prominent voices of conscience who will be reading the names of just some of the 1000s of lives stolen.

▪ 2:00 pm, Borough Hall, Brooklyn: National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Murder, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.

▪ October 23 9:00 am "Shut Down Rikers!" A mass, nonviolent direct action. People of conscience are putting their bodies on the line to call for this torture chamber to be shut down. Details TBA.

▪ October 24: National March to STOP Police Terror: Which Side are You On? Washington Square Park, NYC 11 am. March at 1:00 PM; Closing Rally at Bryant Park at 4:00 PM. Students, religious congregations, contingents from housing projects, and people from all across the country—we will gather in the thousands and tens of thousands with the demand: Terror and Murder By Police Must STOP.

5 minute video introduction to #RiseUpOctober, hearing some of the families who are organizing and initiators Cornel West and Carl Dix. 
Twitter - #RiseUpOctober 

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