Statement by Columbia University student for #RiseUpOctober

October 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


As a student-to-be social worker, or as I like to call it, a student-to-be-social-justice-change-agent, I realize that those who choose to study social work are on a quest for truth. I constantly find myself searching for authenticity in this world, and question how to harmonize authenticity with my thoughts and actions. This cognizance compels social justice change agents to evolve their consciousness through action, and their action through consciousness. We strive to be intentional, to back our critical thinking with practice, and our practice with critical thinking. 

When we witness silence become violence, complicity become bigotry, and truth become lie, it precludes the possibility that we will stand by in complacency. In our commitment to search for truth, we vow to dismantle any phenomenon that threatens truth's constructs. Thus our truth cannot evolve without the radical interaction of action and consciousness. Our commitment to truth inherently binds us to the actions that produce it. And in our commitment to truth, we are bound by our commitment to integrity. 

We refuse to be passersby as an assault is waged on our generation. We refuse to let the stories of our lives, of our black and brown sisters and brothers, become lies. The question, "Which side are you on?" is a challenge, make no mistake. It is calling on humans to articulate their truth, to challenge their authenticity and integrity.  In this reality, it is easy for our truth to be lost, but we must remain steadfast so to not wane in our action, thinking, or language. 

To challenge your authenticity, I ask, "is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?"


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