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"I will march because choosing to remain silent is a form of symbolic violence in the midst of a genocide."

October 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


In a democratic country that promises equality and justice for all, these promises fall short when current events, historical trajectories, and oppressive hegemonic foundations, kill disempowered people everyday. The genocide ongoing in this country at the hands of racialized police brutality is one of many articulations of white supremacy, amongst other oppressive ideologies, prevalent in this country. There is no equality when Black and Brown people are being murdered in disproportionate numbers. There is no justice when the law stands behind murderers constantly ruling "no indictment" on police officers whose racist motives in their murders are clear.

What does the denial of a trial, A TRIAL, mean to the victims and their families? This denial is dehumanizing and adding to the second-class citizenship people of color experience in the United States. The ongoing murders, the denial of trials, and the state sponsored violence continue to devalue and dehumanize people of color, especially Black, Brown, and Native Americans.

The world is watching the United States. I will march to demand justice and equality. I will march because promises of justice and equality have not been kept. I will march because my people are dying at the hands of racialized police brutality. I will march because if I don't I am part of the silent majority that is perpetuating the problem. I will march because choosing to remain silent is a form of symbolic violence in the midst of a genocide.


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