A Bootlicker of the Year: Al Sharpton

October 27, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


On October 24 thousands of people converged in NYC to demand STOP POLICE MURDER AND TERROR! Among them were courageous loved ones and representatives of over 100 victims of police murder; people who live day in, day out under the gun of police violence; students and others from all walks of life; and voices of conscience from the arts, literature and entertainment. They drew a line—demanding an end to police murder and terror. They challenged everyone: WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

On that same day—and standing on the other side of that line--Al Sharpton held a prayer vigil for a cop who died of a gunshot wound earlier in the week and demanded laws to make it easier for judges to lock up innocent suspects who have not been convicted of any crime.

Al Sharpton was quick to declare the cop was "murdered" by a "menace to society"—invoking racist code words for the marginalized, desperate millions with no future under this system—even though the circumstances of the death are unknown and the man police have in custody denies he is guilty. And Sharpton told people to look for safety and protection to "the good ones" on a force that plays a social role of being a menace to humanity—terrorizing the inner cities and communities of the oppressed with an epidemic of state-sanctioned murder by police.

For all that, Al Sharpton gets a massive "Bootlicker of the Year" award.



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