‘MIGHTY MIGHTY REVCOM’ Contingent at #RiseUpOctober—A Call to Join

October 20, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From the Revolution Club, NYC:

October 24th, thousands of people from across the country will converge on Washington Square Park in New York City to say NO MORE! No more to police murdering our people. No more just watching video after video of these cops, getting caught red handed, choking, tasing, beating and/or shooting to death our brothers and sisters. No more of the endless excuses, rationalizations and justifications for MURDER by police. No more being heartsick with paralysis, unable or unwilling to do anything about this. This is why the Revolution Club has thrown in with many other groups and individuals to #RiseUpOctober STOP POLICE TERROR Which Side Are YOU On?

We have to stand up to these outrages, and build up the strength to truly make this NO MORE. The problem is this system. This system of white supremacy, police enforcers, discrimination, mass Incarceration—this system of genocide—of courts, probation, parole, prisons, brutal bone-crushing poverty. This system of male supremacy. This system of hounding and casting off immigrants and refugees. This system of war and global empire and environmental destruction. This system, at its roots, of capitalism imperialism. ALL THIS must be NO MORE

There IS A WAY OUT, through revolution, communist revolution, nothing less than truly making ALL of this system’s oppression NO MORE. We CAN do better than this. We do NOT need to accept this world they got us trapped in. The system is NOT all powerful. They have been defeated, and there is a STRATEGY to do that right here, in the belly of the beast. Bob Avakian, BA, has developed a way of understanding all this to change everything. Bob Avakian, BA, is leading a party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, that is building a movement for this revolution.

That’s what we represent for when we wear the shirts BA Speaks: RevolutionNothing Less! This is what people need most of all, and this is what the MIGHTY MIGHTY REVCOM contingent will be making real for people.

We are calling on you: In the midst of #RiseUpOctober the mighty mighty REVCOMS need to be a stamp on the day. An organized, coherent force, recruiting on the spot: All who want to wake up, and shake off this systems ways, to lift our sights to the emancipation of all humanity, and to get to work fighting the power, and transforming the people, FOR REVOLUTION. Theres a world to change, and a need for YOU! Get with it.

We will be wearing the BA Speaks: RevolutionNothing Less! shirts, and will recruit people to wear this shirt by getting into it with them about what it means. This crew will be spreading Revolution (revcom.us) everywhere, to get out 10,000 copies of Revolution newspaper and collecting donations, so many thousands are connected into the hub and pivot of the revolution. We will spread and wield BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, the handbook for a new generation of revolutionaries. We will chant, “WE ARE THE REVCOMS! THE MIGHTY MIGHTY REVCOMS!”representing as the force with the real way out of this nightmare.

That’s what the Revolution Club is working for today, getting ORGANIZED for an ACTUAL REVOLUTION. And that is what the 7 billion people on this planet, and the planet itself, need us to be about.

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