Statement from Obdulio Oliva, Father of Carlos Ernesto Oliva Sola

An Illegal Detention and Murder by L.A. Sheriffs

October 20, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On September 10, 2013, about an hour pass midnight, a woman called 911 to the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department about a domestic dispute between her and her boyfriend. This unknown individual left the scene before the Sheriffs arrived, and they called for back up to go in search of her boyfriend.

Around the same time, 23 year old Carlos Oliva Sola was passing by, riding a skateboard, going home after meeting with some friends. As witnesses recall, he had what appeared to be a cell phone in one hand and some ear phones on his ears, as if he was listening to music.

Sheriffs Anthony Forlano and Nicolas Castellanos were already patrolling the area. Another unknown man flagged them down about Carlos as a suspect waving a gun. Carlos was stopped and grabbed with force by the 2 sheriffs. The witnesses said Carlos asked why he was being detained and tried to make use of his rights but it was no use. The sheriffs yelled for him to “shut the fuck up.” At some point, Carlos begged to be released, and according to witnesses, it’s at this point where they used excessive force and started to beat him.

One witness said she didn’t find it fair and used her dog as a distraction, while her daughter recorded the whole thing. The mother stepped out to call her dog and it is here when the sheriffs let Carlos go.

After getting beat up and left with a broken nose and very badly hurt jaw-chin, he tried to save his life by running and hiding but failed as Forlano shot him 3 times from behind, and Castellanos also shot him. Carlos was shot a total of 5 times in the back.

Forlano had been involved in another shooting prior to killing Carlos. The witness and the family in that case moved to a different city. He shouldn’t have been still on patrol, or assigned desk duty. One of the testimonies of Nicolas Castellanos to the lawyer on the case was that when they confronted Carlos, he was “clean” (i.e., no marks on his face, etc). Yet Carlos’ body was full of cuts and bruises and his nose was broken. This means they did beat him up but don’t admit it.

After his crime, Anthony Forlano claims to have been afraid for his partner and his own life as to why he shot Carlos. What they claim to have recovered as evidence changed so many different times. First they claim the gun was a 38, then it was a 357, and later changed to a 380. So which one is it really?

The L.A. County autopsy report said the 380 gun had 6 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. The District Attorney’s report says the gun had 4 live cartridges in the magazine and one in the chamber. What’s the reality? What’s the truth of the contradicting reports? They are both supposed to be official! Why didn’t they come up with the same report from both ends and made a more credible story?

They never found Carlos’ finger prints on the gun recovered but found Anthony Forlano’s finger prints and a third person’s. Who was at the scene? There is a possibility that this gun was seized from a third person whose finger prints were all over it. I strongly believe that this gun was never returned to its owner or even taken into evidence but was kept by one or both sheriffs to later have been planted on Carlos.

The County of L.A. didn’t want to bring this to light. This monster Forlano had been involved in a shooting. He deserves to be put away off the streets. He’s a danger! The County didn’t want to take this criminal case to trial. The County made an agreement with us, the parents. By this time, the case was closed and to this day, his personal belongings have not yet been returned to us.

I support Rise Up October. Stop Murder by Police and Police Terror. I will donate so that as many families as possible to be in New York City, October 22-24, 2015.


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