Students at Morgan State University, Baltimore

October 20, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |



Rise Up October talked to several students at Morgan State University in Baltimore:

Interview #1

You've been passing out fliers here at Morgan State. Why do you want to come to NYC for #RiseUpOctober?

The reason I was passing fliers out is just so that people can be aware of what's going on. Like you said, injustice it keeps on being done over and over again. People have to step up and change things. Make history. That's what I want to help do is just change things.  

What would you tell someone from Morgan State if they were sort of on the edge about coming to NYC for #RiseUpOctober? What would you tell to push them over the edge to want to come?
I would tell them, hey, people have lost their lives. I think it's worth you taking a day out of the week to come out and support. It's on a Saturday—so most people are free. Just to come out and do it. Cuz if you don't, who is going to step up and do it.


Interview #2

Why do you want to come to #RiseUpOctober the national march to Stop Police Terror in NYC? 

I believe that the way the government’s going, how they just killing Black people and getting away with it, is very wrong. It's just basically I wanna say just like, you know, the history of slavery or like segregation—so basically getting away with killing us, nothing's happening. They're always saying they are “fearing for their lives” and getting away with it. I believe it needs to come to a stop now before it gets too out of hand. 


Interview #3, with two students

Why do you want to come to #RiseUpOctober the national march to Stop Police Terror in NYC?

Student 1: Just to further the cause on preventing and reducing police terror and to send a message that regardless of where we're from that we're not going to stand for it and we're going to continue to bring attention to it.  

You were saying that you were part of the whole struggle and then it seemed like other people went back to sleep. Can you say something about that?

Student 1: Oh yeah, this is not targeted towards just the police, it's not targeted towards just the victims, this is targeted towards everybody (right here); the message needs to stay alive, and that doesn't mean that something happens and it's trending and you know you're either bringing attention on social media or you're bringing attention at home and as soon as social media is talking about something else you're talking about something else. No, we all collectively need to continue to communicate about this and to continue to send a message that laws, restrictions, something needs to take place.

Student 2: First of all, we're going to come out to NYC to march and remind people of the terrible things that have happened to people everybody had loved ones and losing anybody is a problem. But when you have a case where the law does not provide support or security force for certain people—we want to come out there and remind the world what it's like to lose a family by people we're supposed to get protection from. And also about this message: we're coming out to remind everybody, never sleep on anything even if it's solved—just remember so that people can avoid whatever started that situation.



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