Police Claim 18-Year-Old Amonderez P. Green Killed Himself—Nobody Believes Them

October 29, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us



Police claim that Amonderez P. Green, an 18-year-old Black youth who died of gunshot wounds on Thursday, October 29 in Normandy, Missouri, next to Ferguson, was a suicide, and that he fired at them before shooting himself on Wednesday, October 28. But their story is contradicted by family members, witnesses, and neighbors who say police are lying—that police murdered Amonderez P. Green. And the police story—that cops shot at Green but missed, and that Green killed himself with a gunshot wound to the face, is contradicted by all the available video and audio.

Neighbors, family, and witnesses say Amonderez P. Green was not suicidal, just upset. His father, Jermell Simpson, posted a statement on Instagram saying, “We even told Ferguson [police—who were on the scene, although they deny they shot at Green]... we had everything under control.” Witnesses say he was climbing over a pole with two hands when he was shot. They describe at least two gunshots—even though police claim he shot himself in the face once, killing himself. Videos show police abusing and disrespecting the victim’s mother as she demanded to see her son. Simpson later told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the authorities’ account of events was a “total lie.”

A witness describes what happened.

Within hours of Amonderez’s death, protesters rushed to the neighborhood where this happened. Some protesters also confronted Normandy police officials at a press conference.

The notorious Ferguson Police Department—now supposedly “under reform”—was involved in Amonderez’s death. The current official account says the Ferguson PD began the pursuit of Amonderez. Videos show them on the scene when Amonderez was chased and shot at by police. Amonderez’s father also says it was a Ferguson cop who pulled the trigger. What is very clear is that Ferguson PD has been trying to minimize their involvement in Amonderez’s death.

Clearly the truth is being covered up by police, and an outrageous injustice and horror has taken place.

No one should accept the Normandy police’s account of the death of Amonderez Green just because the police said it—and some of what they claim has already been clearly shown to be bullshit. But in any case, what IS absolutely clear is this: A young Black man was having a problem, and his family was trying to work it out and had asked police to back off—yet Amonderez Green was chased by police, shot at, and then ended up dead.





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