Parody Exposes NY Post attack on Rise Up October

October 29, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


The Monday, October 26, front page of the tabloid NY Post was a big attack on Saturday’s Rise Up October action when thousands marched through the streets of New York City to demand “STOP Police Terror.”

New York Post October 26

Keegan Stephan, a NYC writer, quickly tweeted out a sharp spoof of the Post cover, saying “Here’s what’s really going on in that NY Post cover photo.”

New York Post October 26

As Stephan points out, “The Post apparently did zero research about the people pictured, because unfortunately for them and the NYPD, they speak volumes about the urgency and necessity for protests against police terror.

“The man giving the police the finger (which is well-established, First Amendment protected free speech) is Joshua Lopez, the nephew of John Collado, an unarmed man who was shot and killed by an undercover NYPD cop in 2011 when Collado attempted to break up a fight in front of his house between the undercover cop, named James Connelly, and another man.

“The facts of Collado’s case and the lack of justice for his family, including Lopez, are staggering.

“First, the NYPD claimed Collado had the officer in a chokehold, lifting him a foot off the ground, but the cop managed to pull out a gun and shoot him in the stomach…

“Two days later, the Daily News reported Collado’s family obtained a surveillance video they say shows he was not choking the detective.

“That video has not been made been public because a federal lawsuit filed by Collado’s family against the NYPD is still pending. However, Connelly was cleared by a grand jury in 2012.

“And earlier this year, it was revealed that Connelly had shot and killed another man in 2009 for which he was also cleared…

“Now that’s disgraceful.”



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