From Cleveland Rise Up October:

Prosecution Forced to Drop Charges Against Protesters

November 10, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |



Charges were dropped against Dominique Knox, Eric Maxwell and Jordan Workman, the 3 freedom fighters arrested with 68 others protesting the judge’s decision to find Brelo not guilty. Brelo is the cop who together with dozens of other cops chased down and murdered Timothy Russell and Melissa Williams, firing 137 shots, and in the case of Brelo, jumping onto the hood of the car emptying and reloading his gun numerous times. Timothy and Melissa were Black and unarmed. Black, unarmed and murdered by police who go free –this is the story behind countless killings across the country.

The protesters were confronted at every turn by riot cops on horses, motorcycles and in cars. After arresting 4 on felony charges they corralled the demonstration into a blind alley and arrested anyone they could get their hands on, including legal observers and members of the press. These freedom fighters were held in jail for almost 3 days. They were confined in dilapidated cells in a building unused for years, contaminated water running red and yellow and an infestation of bed bugs. Many were intimidated with the threat of extended jail time into taking a deal.

The arrests and treatment were totally unjustified. Its only purpose was to intimidate anyone who would dare stand up to fight against police murder. The year anniversary of Tamir’s death is fast approaching. The authorities are nervous that anything less than an indictment and conviction will bring even greater numbers into the streets. This October in NYC 100 families of loved ones murdered by police led the Rise Up October – Which Side Are You On? protest of thousands strengthening the mood and organization of those determined to resist. With their total lack of evidence that Dominique, Eric and Jordan committed any crime and the growing anger and resistance to these endless murders, the prosecution was forced to back off.

This is an important victory.

Defend those whose trials and sentencing are upcoming. Take to the streets when the verdict in Tamir’s case comes down. Anything less than an indictment and conviction for Tamir’s murderers and we don’t get out of the streets, we rise up until we get justice.

Drop the Charges on All Those Arrested Fighting Police Murder

Stop Police Terror - Stop Murder By Police

Which Side Are You On?


Rise Up/Which Side Are You On? 216-246-8377


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