A salute and a shout out to the student-athletes of the football team at the University of Missouri-Mizzou.

November 10, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


In the midst of protests at the University of Missouri, the refusal of the football team to practice or play until the university president resigned was a game-changing moment—in more ways than one. Black students on campus have taken a determined stand refusing to put up with the abuse, threats, dehumanization, discrimination and terror that is daily life for Black people in ameriKKKa. Other students, faculty and others on campus joined or supported them. And coming in the midst of that, the actions of the football team stood out in a system where students, and student athletes in particular, are constantly warned to  not do anything that might risk their career, and to “look out for number one” despite what that might mean for humanity as a whole. The football team, and all those who have been part of the protests at Mizzou should be supported, defended from any recriminations or backlash, and most of all emulated everywhere.



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