Louisiana: Police Execution of Jeremy Mardis—SIX Years Old!

November 7, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From a reader:

Jeremy Mardis, 6 years old, murdered by police in Louisiana
Jeremy Mardis, 6 years old, murdered by police.

Tuesday night, November 3, in a small Louisiana town, Marksville, four police officers chased 25-year-old Chris Few’s SUV onto a dark dead-end street. Next to Few in the passenger seat was his six-year-old autistic son, Jeremy Mardis. The police claim that as Few reached the end of the street, he attempted to reverse his car in their direction. As they have done in similar cases around the country (for example, Sean Bell in NYC), the cops opened fire into the vehicle.

As the smoke cleared, Chris Few was removed from the vehicle, critically wounded and taken to the hospital. His son Jeremy was dead—the six-year-old’s lifeless body seat-belted in the passenger seat of the car with five bullets in the head and chest. Jeremy Mardis is the youngest victim among the 970+ people killed by the police in the U.S. so far this year.

The cops claimed that they were trying to serve an outstanding warrant—Chris Few did NOT have any warrants out for his arrest.  Few was unarmed and there was no weapon in his vehicle.

On November 6, two of the four cops involved were arrested and are being charged with second-degree murder. The cops’ crime was captured on their body cameras. The police have not released the video footage, but a colonel in the Louisiana state police described it as “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.”

Jeremy Mardis did not deserve and did not have to die! This is an outrage—a horror and criminal beyond words. But it is nothing new in America. Hundreds are killed and countless thousands brutalized every year at the hands of the police, from large metropolitan cities to small rural towns. These pigs maim and kill grandmothers and babies. They assault children in their schools. ALL OF THIS—and then they point to people standing up to protest and raising their voices against the police terror and claim that there is a “war on police”!

Two cops have been charged in the murder of Jeremy Mardis—something that happens very, very rarely. But beware of what they always do when their cops murder people—attack the reputation of the victims, claim that the cops had reason to “fear for their lives,” do everything they can to let the cops walk or get off with a slap on the wrist.

We cannot allow them to get away with murder—again! Any human with an ounce of morality needs to denounce these killer cops and stand with the victim’s family. We need to continue to demand: INDICT! CONVICT! SEND THOSE KILLER COPS TO JAIL! THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM IS GUILTY AS HELL!



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