Editors' Note on Getting Out the Statement "A Terrorist Attack in Paris, a World of Horrors, and the NEED FOR ANOTHER WAY"

November 16, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The terrorist attacks in Paris have stunned millions in this society and the world over. Everywhere people are talking about these events and responding—in twos and threes and in larger groupings, including people who may be coming together to express their grief and solidarity with the citizens of Paris and some who may be protesting the draconian repression and military measures being taken by the French and U.S. governments. In the swirl of these events revcom.us has published an important statement which speaks to these events and as the title says: the Need to Bring Forward Another Way.  This statement needs to reach thousands and thousands of people in this country and around the world.

At the same time, the struggle to carry forward the battle to Stop Murder by Police must advance and this movement is approaching another key juncture: the one year anniversary of the wanton murder of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by Cleveland police. This too is critical in the battle to emancipate all humanity.

So, print up this PDF of the revcom.us statement, distribute it everywhere people are gathering and as you build for the November 22 actions.  Post it on the internet wherever you can and tweet out the headline.  Get it out on the campuses. And wherever people are debating and discussing the attacks in Paris.


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