From Prairie View, Texas, to NYC—to Stop Police Brutality

November 16, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


The following is a thank you letter written by a student at Prairie View A&M University in Texas who went to NYC for the Rise Up October demonstrations (see coverage at She wrote it to thank the many donors who sponsored her and two students for the trip to NYC.

Dear Friends,

“From Prairie View to NYC, to stop police brutality.” I first would like to start off with a special thanks to all that made it possible for my sister, friend and I to go to this historical venture. Most people feel that one push in the grand scheme of things is like dust in the wind or one more straw placed in the haystack that contains the needle making it more impossible to find, but what they fail to see is the other side. That in fact rather than being that one that makes it impossible, they have the potential to be the one that starts a chain reaction, the straw that broke the camel’s back or the one dust particle that triggered a landslide. In other words, together we can be something greater and every piece creates a stronger whole.

While on the trip, the gravity of the situation intensified. Hearing from the families especially as well as seeing the diversity of the participants made its mark. From the Native American man speaking of how the founding fathers have slaughtered his people in order to make way for this society to Eve Ensler calling on “[her] white brothers and sisters” to make a stance. These in particular struck my heart.

As a Black woman and student, I realized that my personal preoccupation with the struggle of fighting for equality for women and the Black community is not enough. I had not even thought about the Native Americans who have been and still are being discriminated against, equal to if not more so than the Black community.

Being able to attend this event was truly life changing as well as historical. I am grateful that you all made it possible for me and a few other Prairie View students to support and make a stance at Rise Up October 24th 2015 NYC.

Prairie View student freshman



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