November 14 Message from Cornel West & Carl Dix

November 22, 2015—Demand Justice for Tamir Rice
1 Year Since He Was Murdered by Police

November 16, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |



A beautiful struggle against racist outrages and white supremacy has broken out on the campus of the University of Missouri. This righteous struggle has spread to college campuses across the country, and it is laying bare the ugly reality of white supremacy. People involved in this struggle are getting a sense of their strength, and they are being opened up to dig into why these outrages are still happening 150 years after slavery was supposed to be ended, and what can and must be done to end them.

All the students and faculty who have been part of this struggle need to take up the Call to mark one year since the police murder of Tamir Rice. And all of us involved in the fight to STOP police terror need to take the Call for Justice for Tamir to everyone on the campuses who has been involved in this struggle and to everyone who has been moved by it.

This struggle is connected in every way to the fight to STOP murder by police. The white supremacy that's driving the racist outrages on this and other campuses is the same white supremacy that drives the terror police enforce in Black and Latino communities across the country. This is opening up a precious moment that needs to be seized on.

So take the Call to mark one year since the police murder of Tamir to the campuses. Gather the family members of police murder victims, the youth who are tired of being treated like criminals, the clergy and everyone else who was in NYC for RiseUpOctober. Let's all go together to the students and faculty to make plans to be part of demanding Justice for Tamir, and get those plans posted online


Stop Mass Incarceration Network

See: “Into the Streets on November 22—ONE YEAR Since Tamir Rice’s Murder by Police and STILL NO JUSTICE

Schedule of actions for the one-year anniversary of police murder of Tamir Rice


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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