Statement from Cornel West 11/12/2015: "Stay strong. Stay strong. Stay strong!"

November 13, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Cornel West - Missouri Statement


Dr. Cornel West

To my dear and courageous brothers and sisters of all colors, though disproportionately chocolate, you at the University of Missouri have set a great example that inspires all of us in our struggle for unarmed truth and unapologetic love.

We know that justice is what love looks like in public and you’ve kept alive the spirit of Mohammad Ali, the spirit of Tommy Smith, the spirit of John Carlos and the spirit of Donny Hathaway and Nina Simone.

I stand with you and I stand with my brother Carl Dix as we continue to fight for stopping mass incarceration and ensuring that the humanity of each and every one of us is respected and we’re treated with dignity and decency.

Stay strong. Stay strong. Stay strong!


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