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We met the challenge of raising $1,000 for Rise Up October

November 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Reading the letter from the immigrant who donated $1,000 to send families of victims of police terror to New York inspired us to challenge ourselves to match those thousand dollars. We are a circle of Spanish-speaking readers of Revolution newspaper, and usually several of us distribute the paper.

There was only a little time left and we wracked our brains. We are workers who for the most part earn little more than minimum wage; one of us works 12 hours a day 6 days a week for about $5 an hour. So we had to think hard.

One guy said that we are living in an epoch of endless police terror since the 60s which is criminalizing our youth in prisons in deplorable conditions. Genocide against Blacks and Latinos. We need to take up a revolutionary mentality. Another quoted BA in the Revolution talk, where BA talks about how in a different society, the police would be different, they would serve the people and be the people’s servant. In this society the murdering dogs are given a green light to kill, and they have a structure that gets them off free without ever being found guilty. The courts free them and the system protects them. But it is this revolution which is bringing out the nature of this system, the truth about this damn system. A revolutionary movement is being born, many people are opening their eyes to the crimes and the murders by the police.

Based on these and other discussions, several people took more initiative; for example, one woman took responsibility for buying and preparing everything to make tamales, and the rest of us helped put them together. We had a lot of fun making tamales and we managed to raise $360 through sales. With this and other donations, we met the challenge and raised $1,120.



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