Paris: Climate Protesters Defy Police-State Repression

November 30, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Police attack protestyers, Paris, November 29Place de la République, Paris, November 29. AP photo

Paris, November 30—On the day before the start of the international conference on climate change, hundreds of protesters marched in the streets to demand action by the world powers on the environmental emergency facing the planet. They were attacked by riot police who used tear gas and flash bang grenades and arrested over 200 protesters. Throughout the day, there were various other actions in Paris by thousands of climate change protesters (and tens of thousands in other cities across the world). The French government—supposedly to “protect people from terrorism”—had banned large protests that environmental groups and others were planning to hold, and they used the emergency laws to place at least 24 activists under house arrest. This is completely outrageous and criminal. Salute to the courageous protesters who defied fascistic police-state repression to make their voices heard about the urgency of the environmental emergency!


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