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Rise Up! Stop the Genocide against Native Peoples!

November 30, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


The following is the text of a leaflet put out by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network in the San Francisco Bay Area with Marlene Kanosh, whose son Corey Kanosh, an unarmed 35-year-old Paiute, was killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Utah in 2012—with contributions from Merri Silva (mother of David Silva, killed by sheriff’s deputies in Bakersfield, California, in 2013), Kip Tassin Monoessy (aunt of Christina Tahhahwah, who died under police custody in Oklahoma in November 2014), Melissa Goodblanket (mother of Mah-hi-vist Redbird Touching Cloud Goodblanket, an 18-year-old killed by sheriff’s deputies in Oklahoma in 2013), and Kristine Almas (mother of Jessie Lee Rose, 19, killed by Utica, NY police in 2013). Over 1,000 copies of this statement along with the statements by Carl Dix, co-initiator of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on the struggles around the police murders of Laquan McDonald in Chicago and Jamar Clark in Minneapolis, were gotten out at this year’s Sunrise Ceremony at Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday, November 26—an annual un-Thanksgiving event to honor the indigenous peoples of the Americas and to remember the 19-month occupation of Alcatraz by Native American activists that started in November 1969.


Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket, Arapaho-Cheyenne-Eastern Band Cherokee; John T. Williams, Nitinaht; Jessie Lee Rose, Tlingit/Mohawk; Benjamin Whiteshield, Cheyenne-Arapaho; Corey Kanosh, Paiute; Christina Tahhahwah, Comanche; Myles Roughsurface, Navajo; Acorn Peters, Round Valley; Allen Locke, Lakota; Ira Arquette, Yakima; Mylo Harvey, Tulalip; Paul Castaway, Lakota; Kenneth Ray Wilson, Pit River; Spencer Posey, Ute; Elijah White Magpie; Jack Keewatinawin, Cree; Robert ‘Robby’ McMurt, Comanche; Andrew Moppin, Comanche-Klamath; Sarah Circle Bear, Lakota; Daniel Covarrubias, Suquamish.

These are just some the Native People who have died at the hands of law enforcement. The list keeps growing.*

125 years ago this year, the Medal of Honor was awarded to 20 U.S. soldiers who participated in the indiscriminate killing of 300 Lakota, 200 of whom were unarmed women and children, during the Wounded Knee Massacre in December 1890.

At last month’s Rise Up October — Stop Police Terror demonstration in New York, Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota, Culture Editor at “Indian Country Today” spoke about “the brutal death of Mah-hi-vist (RedBird) Touching Cloud Goodblanket, the 18-year-old Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Eastern Band of Cherokee youth who was shot seven times, once in the back of the head, by Custer County Sheriff’s deputies in Oklahoma in December 2013”. Two deputies received the Medal of Valor. “More medals for more dead Indians”. (fb—Justice For “Mah Hi Vist GoodBlanket”)

Corey Kanosh, 35, Paiute, Kanosh Reservation, Utah, was a champion men’s traditional dancer throughout Utah and surrounding areas. He loved his culture, heritage and his son, Robert. Corey was unarmed and committing no crime, but was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy on October 15, 2012. (fb—Justice for Corey Kanosh,

Jessie Lee Rose, 19, was handsome, intelligent, kind, thoughtful and shy. He was shot down by Utica, New York police. He was sitting down in the park by the jungle gym not doing anything when the officer fired at Jessie. His oldest brother was a witness in a police brutality case against Utica Police, and police had been harassing the family, especially Jessie. (fb—Justice for Jessie Lee Rose)

Christina Tahhahwah suffered from bi-polar disorder and had recently stopped taking her medication. She was arrested, and placed into police custody. On Nov 14th, she was discovered “unresponsive” in her cell. Fellow inmates stated that Christina Tahhahwah had been tasered repeatedly for refusing to stop singing Comanche hymns. (Youtube —Justice 4 Christina)

Daniel Covarrubias, 37, a member of the Suquamish tribe, was murdered by Lakewood, Washington police in April 2015. He was unarmed. Police say Daniel had been seen “running”, and that after he climbed a tall stack of lumber in a lumber yard, he was “reaching into his pockets.” Those who knew him say he was in mental distress and in need of urgent help. Instead, police fired up at him multiple times and killed him. (fb Justice for Daniel Covarrubias)

Paul Castaway, 35, Sicangu Lakota, and father of Emmanuel, 3. Paul was shot by Denver police on 7/12/; a call was made to summon help because Paul suffered with mental illness and had a knife. After Paul was cornered in an alley, video shows Paul put the knife to his own neck when officers shot 4 times. Paul’s last words were, “what’s wrong with you guys?” (Like fb—what’s wrong with you guys #Justice4PaulCastaway, (720) 629-5309Lynn Eagle Feather)

David Sal Silva, 33, Navajo, a father of 4, begged for his life as he was beaten to death by 9 sheriffs, a canine and Highway patrol. Then cops seized the cell phones of witnesses who recorded the incident on video. (fb—JusticeForDavidSalSilva)

Rexdale W. Henry, 53, a Native American activist, was arrested for failure to pay a traffic fine. Five days later, Henry would be found dead in a Neshoba County, Mississippi jail cell.

Sarah Lee Circle Bear, 24, was arrested for an alleged bond violation over a traffic charge. Sarah Lee Circle Bear was heard by others in jail screaming for help prior to being found unresponsive in her cell.

Allen Locke, 30, was shot and killed by police, just one day after attending a local #NativeLivesMatter protest against police brutality in December.

Joy Ann Sherman was shot by police in Mitchell, SD. She reportedly called a counselor at a drug and alcohol abuse facility from her hotel room, where she stated she had a gun and was going to hurt herself. When the officer approached her hotel room he reported seeing the door opening and feared for his life. He fired three shots, killing her.

Myles Roughsurface was killed by New Mexico deputies investigating a scuffle. As deputies arrived on the scene they reported hearing gun shots and approached what they described as “silhouette” of a person and fired two shots. They report a man yelling “you missed”. The officers repositioned themselves and fired two more shots, killing Myles.

* In relation to the population, Native Americans are most often killed by Law Enforcement *

We Stand in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter” and all victims of Police Murder!

Rise up! Fight Back! Stop the Genocide! Which Side are You On?!




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