Climate March in Honolulu

December 7, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Honolulu, November 29

Honolulu, November 29

November 29—Almost 200 people joined a march through Waikiki's tourist district to demand that world leaders take meaningful action to Save the Planet from devastating climate change. Among those marching was a contingent from Micronesia, where rising waters, ocean acidification and coral bleaching are destroying their Pacific islands. The speakers at the rally following the march were diverse, including local politicians and representatives from a number of local environmental organizations.  Among the speakers was a Chamorro poet from Guam, who made a passionate appeal to those there to see the link between climate change and militarism. World Can't Wait spokesperson Liz Rees gave a shout-out to the courageous protesters in Paris, squarely put the blame for climate change on the richer capitalist imperialist countries of the world (and especially Obama), who were attempting to control the Paris talks, ending the rally with a call for people to see the relationship between U.S. wars in the Middle East, police terror, and climate change—and to build a movement of resistance against all of them. The organizer of the rally then came to the stage to expose climate change had fueled the war in Iraq, where widespread drought had forced tens of thousands of Syrian people to move from their agricultural lands to the cities. 


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